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Podcast UGC's most popular and favorite guest, Star Trek Online Lead Designer Al Rivera aka Captain Geko, makes his third visit to Podcast UGC to talk just as candidly as ever! Clocking in at just over 4 hours and 20 minutes in length, this is Geko's longest visit and most content filled talk!

It debuts tonight on TrekRadio.net at 4:40 pm PT / 7:50 pm re-airing, and at 6:00 pm PDT, 9:00 EDT on podcastugc.com/listen-live ! Don't care to listen live? Just go to PodcastUGC.com at our live airing time or after to download the mp3 for listening on your own time.

What's covered? More than I can list at this moment! But here's what I've written down so far!

- Romulan Beta: Who was invited and why?
- The difficulty with writing for Romulans
- Should STO's story progress through time?
- The one Romulan IP ship that wasn't made.
- Ha'apax Talk
- How does the Republic afford all this new tech?
- An Unstoppable Force Meets an Unmovable Object - Hav and Geko discuss the design decision of limiting and pay-walling the alien generator for Romulans, and they don't see eye to eye at all.
- Vega Colony: Are references being made that new players won't understand?
- What does the Federation get in this expansion?
- Warp Cores?
- What happened to armor?
- PvP: is survivability king, or DPS?
- Will Science ships get a secondary deflector?
- Science arcs to get a buff?
- No Typhoon Class? Bob is disappoint
- Bob's grand idea for STO? Introduce Paladins. But what does Geko think?
- Balancing the Game Isn't Hard: it's doing so without angering people that's the art.
- Kit Revamp: how's that coming?
- Professor Geko Schools Hav in What Is Content 101
- Is Geko God? Better question: What does God need with a Game Studio?
- The Legacy Pack: Better than the Neverwinter one? And is it actually worth $180?
- Romulan ships: are they bird-of-preys or warbirds?
- Our favorite and least favorite Romulan ship designs!
- Is there a C-Store version of the Ha'apax? *wink wink* Does the story of this thing actually make sense?
- Previous versions of Romulan ships will have Retrofit Versions at Tier 5, which will not have the costume of the C-Store Refit versions, and on top of that there will be Fleet versions of all Romulan ships!

Break Time!

- Are there plans for a Romulan flagship equivalent to the Odyssey and Bortasqu?
- Captain Mack Asks - Why is there no mid-range preorder pack?
- ROBOCOP MOMENT: Bob and Geko love Battlestar Galactica, apparently.
- Trek News and Views Asks - Do you have to buy most of the Romulan ships?
- How are we going to balance this rad singularity power?
- Alliances have been tweaked since their announcement: why? Where did the ally system come from in the first place?
- Why are we playing as Romulan Republic instead of Tal Shiar?
- Hav Thinks D'Tan is NOT a good guy. Geko counters!
- Tobar Asks: Are there any plans to redo the Fed Tutorial? Has any thought been put into fixing the cloaking bug?
- Is the amount of content we're getting for Legacy of Romulus par for the course now?
- Charleshalpenny asks: Any chance we'll get functionality in our Starbase, such as logging in and out while remaining on the Starbase itself?
- Justin Lowmaster asks: Can we train bridge officers without trading them? Saving Boff and Active Doff Setups? Can we fix the tricorder scan so it can differentiate between anomalies and objectives?
- None-combat content? How's that coming?
- Will the 1 Sectorblock to Rule Them All Ever Happen? And will it be like EVE's take on space? What do you have to lose to gain a 1 sectorblock to rule them all?
- The Foundry Dilithium Explot WARNING: Cryptic will "ban your ass" if you do it, and they won't feel bad about it.
- Where do you see the economy of STO right now?
- Caspian Division was destroyed - are there things Cryptic can do to help secure fleets against losses?
- Foundry! Foundry Reputation?
- Legacy of Romulus is FREE, DAMNIT!
- We're not asking about Klingons? Well let's fix that! Klingons start at Level 1, New Stories and episodes, but no -- it's not as robust or deep as Romulans.
- The Crew of the I.K.S. Bortas'qu that Podcast UGC's hosts noted looked a little too old? Yeah, we were right: they were too old. Their character models were just bugged, and didn't display the proper appearances or costumes. It was "just a failure".
- Isn't the Day of Honor in Winter? COUNTER-ARGUMENT GO!
- Is it Qo'nos or Kronos? Speculation inbound! Geko's take on Klingon ridges.
- Did Enterprise make Vulcans jerks on purpose and retcon it later, or was it planned from the start?
- Geko has heard crazy stories about a 5th Season of Enterprise campaign on Netflix. So has Hav and Bob.
- Lots of Enterprise love in Legacy of Romulus - Hav is CERTAIN he knows who the new Silent Enemy is, but Geko won't bite on confirming or not.
- Bob lays out his reasoning for the discrepancy between ENT Romulans having warp drives and TOS Romulans not.
- Geko and Hav battle over whether the Gorn are second class citizens, slave, or even treated well at all. How would Romulans build an Empire? This brings the alien gen conversation back to the forefront.
- Koren's skirt would bug Terry.
- Play Legacy of Romulus. It's good.

As always, thanks for tuning into Podcast UGC, where we devote hours each week discussing Star Trek Online and the Foundry.
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# 2
04-23-2013, 07:55 PM
My take is that Fed and Klingon ships should be off-limits.

But not...

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# 3
04-23-2013, 08:41 PM
Okay. Listening more...

I think the problem is the distinction drawn between non-combat content and inactive content. I think people who want non-combat content effectively want, in many cases, what amounts to combat with animations that don't look like violence. Still arcade gameplay (not stop and read or "press F") but something like kits full of non-combat abilities, used in a real time arcade fashion as much as anything else.

Second, I've hinted at this before. I've been warned off from posting full details by game devs in case I want to sell the idea to someone later.

But the core idea is Clue.

You collect cards in active gameplay or DOffing. You have several categories of card. You make an accusation/hypothesis by using a combination of cards. This opens up missions, cutscenes, dialogues, DOff assignments, and gear.

For example, a combination of cards may suggest that Quinn is an Undine, acquired from DOffing and a revamped Terrordome. You take the cards and have your computer "run the scenario."

What this does is it avoids having text interrupt active gameplay. You play with your friends in a very active way. You collect the puzzle pieces. Then you go read or watch a cutscene or go on a scavenger hunt. You may be right or wrong. You may discover planets this way. You may discover criminal conspiracies.

I call this "story crafting." I think it would allow for tons of non-combat options because it then creates lots of options for places to setup puzzle pieces. These can be awarded by DOffs. By conversations with NPCs on a timer. Through episode replay. Through certain accolades. But it's recombinent. Ingredient X plus ingredient Y yields a different result than ingredient X plus ingredient Z.
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# 4
04-23-2013, 09:14 PM
I don't like what Geko said about the Exploit....but yes I know it was wrong

This post has been edited to remove content which violates the Perfect World Entertainment Community Rules and Policies . ~BranFlakes

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04-23-2013, 09:15 PM
bans for the foundry mission that was giving dillithium

guess we will be missing a few hundred people soon
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# 6
04-23-2013, 09:16 PM
*whistles* wow that was alot of topics

that answer to the dilth foundry exploit is pretty brutal but its understandable because people were taking advantage of it. I for one am surprised it was still around (If its the one im thinking of...which i DID see, but ignored as i was enjoying the spotlight missions)

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I find this line of replies sadly hilarious. We put a lot of work into the massive list of fixes/changes above, and ya'll are hung up on the ability to skip our content. =p
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# 7 Foundry "Exploit"
04-23-2013, 10:39 PM
I've read all the EULA's in their entirety. That being said, I went to re-read them and some were no longer there. There fore they are NOW exercising their right to change it, WITHOUT notification & then ban personnel.

I would like comprehensive, clear, guidance for my community so we stay on the right side of this issue.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

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# 8
04-24-2013, 03:12 AM
did they not think no cooldown time between foundry mission completion couldn't easily be taken advantage of? cryptic brought that on them selves. what should they care anyway, thats not going to effect the amount of zen people buy. the zen ALWAYS has to be bought by someone. all this did was inflate the dil market, even if people have more of it, its worth less. according to their own eula it isnt even technically an exploit. everything about the foundry guidelines was about offensive or real life illegal practices. theres just this


why have anything but this in the eula, they can do what ever they want to who ever they want when ever they want with that. makes me think twice before spending another cent in the future on STO. it could all be taken away in an instant, on a wim. because of some stupid dil collecting method they made it so easy to take advantage of. do keep in mind cryptic that the zen always has to be bought with money, always. a dil 'exploit' doesn't cost you money
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04-24-2013, 03:20 AM
oh boy i have a bad feeling about this. He strikes again, indeed.

Props to the podcaster's though. If it weren't for you we'd never hear systems brain at work.
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Originally Posted by thehavraha View Post
- The Foundry Dilithium Explot WARNING: Cryptic will "ban your ass" if you do it, and they won't feel bad about it.
Soo ... a Fleet gets stolen along with it's Starbase (Starbase = monetary investment by the players) and Cryptic does ... nothing to the offender . (AFAIK)

Dilithium get's "stolen" via an exploit and Cryptic waves the Ban Hammer .

This translates into : when it's YOUR MONEY , Cryptic does not give a #$%^ .
When it's THEIR MONEY , Gecko get's reports every few hours on the subject , and is really "upset" .

YEAH ... .
I am loosing STO with each new system based update and with each removal and editing of content .
I don't know how to save her from her systems obsessed masters who seek to control and monetize me more and more .


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