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# 1 Bugs last night (some funny)
01-15-2010, 11:01 AM
Last night was better but there were a few, some amusing.

Amusing: Leaving the system from a ground mission and seeing my
character standing in space instead of my ship. He persisted for
about a minute before his ship showed up. I kept thinking "explosive
decompression". Aslo saw my ship in the ground on a couple of
plantary missions. That can't be good...

Not so amusing:

In one teamed space battle my velocity suddenly dropped to near zero.
I had no contact with the rest of the team. I could fly slowly but couldn't
fire or pick up loot. Finally had to use task manager to kill the application
and restart it.

The Diplomatic mission with the shapeshifter/vulcan. Entered the system
with a team of 4. The window with the Kilngon captain kept reappearing
after I closed it (and dropping my speed to 0). I suspect that the window
responses for each member of the team was happening to all members,
but can't prove it.

At the end of the second section of "Hide and seek" I refused the warp
to next section so I could pick up loot. I was unable to continue after that.
There was no option. tab, or popup that would allow me to move forward.
Had to leave the system and re-enter completely.

Had a bit of rubberbanding that caused issues. Stopped in what seemed
to be a safe spot. THe system rubber bands and I'm sitting in the
middle of a group of angry Klingons. Died quickly with much swearing.

Ship avoidance is sector space is silly and wrong. It actually ran me into
other ships more often that it avoided them.

A few Kudos! I was able to play for a few hours without a crash. First
time in weeks. Much better. I ended up leaving the "Hide and Seek"
mission 2/3 of the way through. When I re entered, I didn't have to
play through the parts I had already completed, but was able to go
to the last section. Many thanks. I hated having to replay those before.

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