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I gave a bridge officer a Plasma Charged Burst Assault Mk I I purchased from the vendor at the Romulan Flotilla. During the episode "Crossroads at Crateris" he tried to use the secondary fire, Charged Plasma Blast, right before the enemy he was trying to shoot died. He was stuck like this with the end of his weapon glowing green and wouldn't attack anything anymore. He was following me but he was facing in the direction of where that enemy died.

Then I got some free equipment in the mission and gave him 1 of the 2 rifles I received. But.....he still wouldn't attack anything at all. He will run up to be in range of an enemy for the weapon he is equipped with but still won't attack.

I switched back to the weapon that messed up and then back to the plasma pulsewave assault I got in the mission. Then I went up to Slamek and while protecting him, both bridge officers seemed to have a delayed response. I took out almost all of a group that spawned before they decided to shoot anything.

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