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# 1 Project Phoenix
03-08-2014, 05:05 PM
Fleet Name: Project Phoenix
Founded: Stardate 89545.17 (December 10, 2011 12:57 AM)
Website: http://sto.ordernetonline.com
Faction: Federation / Romulan Republic
Contacts: @Ix-ion, @Celestron, or anyone else wearing our Fleet Tag
Requirements: Federation and allied Romulan Republic races
Gameplay: PvE, RP, PvP
Location of player base: Mostly in the U.S. but we desire to be World-wide
Voice Chat: Raidcall (Channels: 8535428 (Alliance) and 2502433 (Ordernet) ) (Not required, but it does help when teaming for missions, STF's, etc.)

* Alliance of the Phoenix

What we are looking for:
* People who are active and mature.
* People who have a desire to help out fellow members and the fleet as a whole (Recruiting, STF's, Mission Help, etc.)
* People who desire to earn Fleet Credits for themselves by contributing to our Fleet Holdings (Not a requirement, but we do need help here).
* RP and PvP is up to the individual, but we do welcome these players.
* We are interested in forming Alliances with other and/or larger fleets.
* We are available as a dump fleet for those who are in need of earning fleet credits for themselves.

Fleet Holding Status (Updated 5-24-2015):

Starbase- (Tier 3)
- Military (Tier 3)
- Engineering (Tier 3)
- Science (Tier 3)

Dilithium Mine (Tier 2)
- Trade (Tier 2)
- Development (Tier 2)

Embassy (Tier 1)
- Diplomacy (Tier 1)
- Recruit (Tier 2)

Spire (Tier 1)
- Research (Tier 1)
- Operations (Tier 1)

Joining Instructions:

Please send a /tell or an in-game email to anyone wearing the "Project Phoenix" tag. An additional way to join is through our Website/Message Board. All members are able to Fleet Invite.

Attaining Rank:

Attaining rank in the fleet is a fairly simple process. The fastest way to attain rank is either through being constantly active with the fleet and/or contributing to the development of our fleet holdings.

For those who simply want to play on their own and still contribute to our holding projects, this is the formula we use...

Lieutenant: All new members start here. No Fleet Bank Access
Lieutenant Commander: 50k Fleet Credits earned or 1 month of active service. Fleet Bank Access unlocked.
Commander: 100k Fleet Credits earned or 3 months of active service.
Captain: 250k Fleet Credits earned or 6 months of active service
Rear Admiral: 500k Fleet Credits earned or 1 year of active service
Vice Admiral: Appointed by the Admiral(s). Minimum of 1 year of active service required.
Admiral: Appointed directly by the fleet leader @Ix-ion. Minimum of more than 1 year of active service required.

*Active Service is defined as being online and playing at least 2 days a week. Member activity is monitored for promotions.

Background Information (From an RP perspective):

With the Federation involved in what is being termed as a "limited" war with the Klingon Empire and other, more serious, threats to Federation space, Starfleet's resources are being stretched beyond its capacity to keep the "Fleet" properly equipped and up to strength. In order to continue securely maintaining its territorial holdings and for other, undisclosed reasons, Starfleet began contracting with several private firms in an effort to build up its capability to maintain border security, enhance is scientific and exploratory programs and to preserve its status as a major power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

During high-level meetings between Starfleet Command, the Federation Council, and the heads of several corporate and scientific interests, it was discussed and agreed on that a viable solution was to resurrect many of Starfleet's older ship designs and modernize them. Not only would this cut development costs down, but is seen as a good way to minimize the time needed to send out new starships to meet the threats the Federation faces. While it can take many years to design a new starship, test a prototype, and then mass-produce the new design, older ship designs could be modernized and sent out into the field in a matter of weeks to months. The resurrection of Starfleet's older designs is seen as a cheap alternative to totally redesigning and rebuilding its already massive fleet of starships and to maximize the use of Starfleet's resources.

This endeavor has come to be known as Project: Phoenix.

The "Project" is attached to the 4th Federation Starfleet. Another group in the fleet, Battle Group Omega, is based in the Gamma Orionis system and tasked with dealing with the increasing threat posed by the Borg. While Battle Group Omega is strictly combat-oriented and dedicated to combating the Borg, Project Phoenix plays more of a multi-faceted role for the 4th Fleet, providing ships, logistical support, research and development, and handles the training for the fleet. The main focus of Project Phoenix is to assist in the development and testing of new technologies as they become available and to incorporate them into ships which are considered obsolete in modern times. In addition, the Project works closely with groups such as the Daystrom Institute of Technology, the Advanced Starship Design Bureau, and Starfleet's Corps of Engineers in the development of new starships as technological advances become available.

Starbase 411, the headquarters for Project Phoenix, is located in the Aldebaran Sector (Eta Eridani Sector Block), and is near the Federation's border with the Klingon Empire. As the starbase is continually being upgraded, starships assigned to the "Project" patrol nearby space in case of an attack when not on other assignments. In this area of space, it's not unheard of for entities other than the Klingons to be encountered.

Not only does the fleet have its own starbase, but it also has a Dilithium Mine, located in the Beta Ursae Sector block, and has gained control of a structure called a Spire, residing in the Solonae Dyson Sphere. The fleet also has a permanent Embassy on New Romulus.

Recent History...

Following the Hobus Supernova in 2387, the Romulan Empire has been in a state of chaos. With the home worlds of Romulus and Remus destroyed, the Empire is merely a shell of what it once was. Both the Federation and the Klingon Empire have used the situation to gain political influence in Romulan territory. In 2408 Praetor Sela assumed total control of the Romulan government, declaring herself "Empress" Sela from the new Romulan capital at Rator III.

With the disappearance of Empress Sela in 2409 during a major battle at Brea III, a political vacuum was created. With no clear leader, two opposing forces have since come to conflict. The Tal Shiar, who supported Sela and are trying to maintain control of the Empire and a separatist organization calling itself the Romulan Republic. The Romulan Republic is formed by Unificationist Romulans and Remans who oppose the oppressiveness of the Tal Shiar and the "old ways". They seek to unify with the Vulcans and have declared their home world to be New Romulus, which is located in the Nimbus Sector (Tau Dewa Sector Block).

Project Phoenix has been tasked with establishing and maintaining relations with the Romulan Republic and to provide assistance whenever possible. This assistance is in the form of humanitarian aid, logistical support, and military aid whenever necessary. During missions and interviews with Romulan Republic personnel, it was learned that the Tal Shiar have allied with a race known as the Elachi, and that the enigmatic race known as the Iconians are also involved. It is unknown, however, if the Iconians are actual allies of the Tal Shiar, or are using them as pawns to serve their own agenda.

Present Day...

As part of its ongoing assistance with the Romulan Republic, an Iconian Gateway was discovered deep inside the planet referred to as New Romulus. During an accident which was caused by the activation of this Gateway, several Starfleet, Klingon, and Romulan Republic representatives were forced to use the gateway to escape the underground cavern and emerged inside what is now known as the Solanae Dyson Sphere, located somewhere in the Delta Quadrant. Strangely though, this Dyson Sphere is, for the most part, abandoned, except for some automated defense systems thought to have been created by the Solonae, a race encountered many years ago by the crew of the Enterprise-D. Whether the Solonae actually built the sphere and its internal defense systems is still conjecture. Additional exploration and study of the Dyson Sphere is required before that information can be confirmed.

After the accident on New Romulus, the Iconian Gateway inside the planet was destroyed. However, those who used the gateway to escape during the accident were able to find another Iconian Gateway, which was hidden near the Jouret System. This gateway was hidden by some advanced cloaking technology, but was made visible when the explorers "reset" all the Iconian gateways in their effort to escape the Dyson Sphere during its initial exploration. Commandeering a Solanae vessel, the representatives were able to use the "Jouret" gateway to eventually return to New Romulus.

As a result of this discovery, the Federation, Klingons and Romulan Republic agreed to a "Joint Command" and have sent exploration, combat, and engineering teams to the Dyson Sphere through the Jouret Gateway in an effort to understand the Sphere's purpose, to prevent the Voth from taking over the sphere, and to reverse the Sphere's process of creating Omega Particles, which threaten space travel for all space-faring races.

The Joint Command, however, has continually shown signs of strain. Most notably, during a recent mission to the central star of the Solonae Dyson Sphere a facility was discovered there, as well as another gateway. This facility, thought to be a control center which can cause the Dyson Sphere to "fold" space, allowing the Sphere to move to other regions of the galaxy. A team was dispatched to shut down this facility as the Voth and Joint Command fleets were battling nearby. In shutting down the facility, however, a nearby Iconian Gateway, similar to the one found near the Jouret System, was activated. After the battle, the team discovered that this gateway led to yet another Dyson Sphere. This one, to what the Federation refers as the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, has been extensively studied by Federation science teams for several decades. At the time of its "rediscovery", a Federation science vessel was encountered. The ship had been trapped inside the sphere since it "moved" to its current location. The ship had no knowledge that the Dyson Sphere had moved.

Discovered in 2369, the Jenolan Dyson Sphere was in the Alpha Quadrant at that time, but since "jumped" to a location inside the Delta Quadrant. It is postulated that the Sphere was "moved" when the Iconian Gateways were reset. The friction between the members of "Joint Command" arises from the Federation's prior claim to this sphere, which seems to now be only accessible through a "Joint Command"-controlled gateway. The Federation contends that even though the sphere has apparently been moved, it still remains under Federation control. The Klingons, feeling like a... "Junior Partner", have grown increasingly hostile as a result.

After a recent encounter with the Undine and finding out that they are at war with the Voth, this appears to be a trying time for Joint Command. The Federation, Klingons, and Romulans are trying to unite against the Undine, but apparently have issues between themselves that are making this a difficult proposition.

The issues between the Federation and Klingon Empire have apparently come to a grinding halt as a result of the massive Undine attacks on both Earth Spacedock and the Klingon Homeworld. After the Undine were pushed back to Fluidic Space, the Klingons and Federation have agreed to an armistice. How long it will hold and what else will come of it remain to be seen.

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# 2
05-23-2014, 03:09 AM
Tier 2 Dilithium Mine and Tier 1 Embassy unlocked.

Thank You! To our members and outside contributors who helped to make this happen.

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# 3
07-18-2014, 10:31 PM
All Tier 2 Dilithium Mine Projects are now complete.

Tier 1 Spire Research Facilities and Tier 3 Shipyard Upgrade Projects is now under way.

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# 4
08-04-2014, 08:03 PM
Tier 1 Spire Research Facilities and Tier 3 Shipyard Upgrade Projects are now complete.

Tier 3 Starbase and Tier 1 Spire Operations Facilities upgrades are now under way.

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# 5
09-14-2014, 12:21 PM
Tier 3 Starbase and Tier 1 Spire Operations Facilities upgrades are now complete.

Upgrade Spire 1 and Contract for Personal Tailor on Starbase are now under way.

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# 6
09-22-2014, 01:23 PM
Contract for Personal Tailor on Starbase is now complete.

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# 7
09-29-2014, 04:48 PM
Upgrade Spire 1 is now complete.

Construct Personal Transwarp Transporter (Spire) is now under way.

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# 8
09-30-2014, 05:20 PM
Construct Personal Transwarp Transporter (Spire) is now complete.

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# 9
12-28-2014, 09:43 PM
Upgrade Industrial Fabricator III is now under way.

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# 10
01-25-2015, 12:08 AM
Upgrade Industrial Fabricator III is now complete.
Upgrade Communications Array III is now under way.

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