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Greetings Federation Fleets!

We are beginning a new initiative here at PWE, and we are calling on you to submit your fleets activities and recruitment drives to us in order for us to help promote and encourage Fleet participation within the STO Community.

We want to know about your Fleet's regular events, your anniversary celebrations, your recruitment drives, your weekend event runs, your plans for our seasonal events and much more!

Submit your Fleet's activities here, in this thread with the following info:

  • Fleet Name:
  • Link to image of Fleet Logo:
  • General Theme (if any):
  • Title of your event/activity:
  • Recruitment Status:
  • Website link (if any):
  • Goal for this submission:

Get this information to us, and we will be able to help promote you and your fleets in an ongoing new plan we will be introducing across our media outlets. Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter and Livestreams! Bringing more traffic to your sites and posts to help with your membership drives, and to bring our players more information on new fleets they may want to join to help them find new ways to play STO, and new friends to play along side.

Join us to celebrate the great fleets we have in Star Trek Online and become a part of our Official Community Team!

See you in-game!

Trevor "CaptainSmirk" | Community Manager
Follow us on Twitter: @trekonlinegame | "Like" us on Facebook
Follow me on Twitter: @PWECaptainSmirk
If you wish to speak to someone on the community team, please file a "Forums and Website" support ticket here.

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# 2
08-07-2014, 12:11 PM
Fleet Name: The Last Outpost
Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://www.last-outpost.net/wp-conte...es/tlologo.png
General Theme (if any): Casual Community (PvE, PvP, sometimes RP)
Title of your event/activity: TLO PvE/PvP Happy Hour
Recruitment Status: Open for anyone interested!
Website link (if any): http://www.last-outpost.net/
Goal for this submission: Spread the word that we are out there for anyone interested and gain community awareness.
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# 3
08-07-2014, 12:14 PM
Fleet Name: Undine Task Force
Logo: WIP
General Theme: Fun (PvE, PvP, ect)
Title of Event: Massive ESD Giveaway
Recruitment Status: Open to all comers
Website: http://undinetaskforce.guildlaunch.com/
Goal: To recruit more people for our fun loving and friendly community

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# 4
08-07-2014, 12:40 PM
Fleet Name: United Sector Taskforce
Link to image of Fleet Logo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...UST%20Seal.png
General Theme (if any): Casual Community (RP and PvE)
Title of your event/activity: Operation Full Cricle
Recruitment Status: Open where possible (but filling fast!)
Website link (if any): http://ust.storp.org (or at a pinch, www.storp.org)
Goal for this submission: To raise further awareness of a medium-large RP community within STO

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# 5 ufpstarfleet.guildlaunch.com
08-07-2014, 01:31 PM
Fleet Name: UFP Starfleet ( Multi-National Multi-Time zone )

Fleet Alliance(s): U.F.P.I.C.A. " United Federation of Planets Interfleet Coalitionary Alliance "

Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=7199423ufp-logo1.png

General Theme (if any): Casual and family friendly fleet - Completed All tiers and holdings

Title of your event/activity: Heavy fleet chat and teaming - Expanding Fleet Alliance w/ts3 sever

Recruitment Status: open recruiting

Website link (if any): www.ufpstarfleet.guildlaunch.com

Goal for this submission: To expand our fleet and alliance to like minded individuals who have a genuine interest in Star Trek Online - Making available for all fleet members an easy access player pool to team up from, gather information, and make lasting friends to enjoy similar interests with.

UFP Starfleet Board Of Directors

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# 6 The Vine Coalition!~
08-07-2014, 01:39 PM
The Vine is a coalition of currently a group of about 20, friendly fleets of multi-factions. We are looking for other fleets who are interested in becoming a member of our Coalition. If your fleet would like to apply for membership, or if you would be interested in hearing more, please mail me @yackaree in game.
Hope to hear from you soon!~

The Vine Staff!~
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# 7 Alliance of Phoenixes
08-07-2014, 01:44 PM
Fleet Name: Phoenix Storm

Link to image of Fleet Logo: WIP

General Theme (if any): Fun (PvP, PvE, etc)

Title of your event/activity: Alliance Awareness

Recruitment Status: Open Recruiting

Website link (if any): http://alliance-of-the-phoenix.guildlaunch.com/

Goal for this submission: Raising awareness of a larger community
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# 8
08-07-2014, 02:06 PM
Fleet Name: 349th Assault Task Force

Link to image of Fleet Logo: http://www.bild.me/bild.php?file=478...29908749_n.png

General Theme (if any): Relaxed enviroment and a willingness to help people learn more

Title of your event/activity: fleet chatting and STF events - are in fleet alliance with UFP Starfleet

Recruitment Status: Open to any and all people

Website link (if any): WIP

Goal for this submission: to help raise awareness for this fleet and its allies

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# 9 Banished Orion Girls
08-07-2014, 02:28 PM
sry put it in wrong area lmao, note to self never post on forums when falling asleep

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# 10 Trust!
08-07-2014, 02:37 PM
Fleet Name: The Trust

Link to image of Fleet Logo: Crest of the Trust

General Theme (if any): Star-Trek Canonical Roleplay

Title of your event/activity: ARC V: When Mirrors Shatter (first mission starts this Friday)

Recruitment Status: Restricted Open, fill out an application at our site and we'll schedule an in-game interview with you (we don't bite, we promise)!

Website link (if any): http://stotrust.shivtr.com/

Goal for this submission: Well, we have a lot of goals! First, we want to provide an environment to allow people of all stripes, creeds, and colors to have a fun time making their own legacy in STO and in their character! Second, we're trying to get a hold of other Canonical RP fleets to create something novel: A coalition of fleets that take the canon of Star Trek to heart (with exceptions of course ) and work as a unit, with intertwining stories and legacies that people will recognize for years to come.


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