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KDFdefera is an open channel used for finding teams that require only KDF members (created with Defera Invasion Zone in mind, fleet actions, epohh tagging and terradome are examples acceptable uses too)

This channel is not for discussions or STFs, it is only used to help deal with lack of KDF players for KDF only content

As of May 28th, there are ~220 members and ~30 moderators

Please consider joining if you do fleetmark runs on Defera as its better to use the channel and find a team than wait all day on Defera and hoping a KDF shows up and is willing to team.

I'll monitor this thread for any feedback; if there are any issues please private message @bootymcboots with a copy-paste of the conversation if relevant (public name shaming is not allowed on the forums) or reply to this thread.

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04-25-2013, 01:01 PM
Joined. Thanks, this will give me a better chance for teams.
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