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# 1 Romulan Bugs
04-25-2013, 05:30 PM
I?ve done 2 play-throughs of the available Romulan content; a female tactical, allied to the Feds, and a male science, allied to the KDF.

I ran into no game breaking bugs, but did run into a number of minor bugs. Some of these I have seen mentioned by others, some not. There has been at least one update since I found these, so some of these may be resolved.

First the bugs common to both characters;

1 ? On the character selection screen, after selecting an ally, my rank is no longer displayed using Romulan insignia.

2 ? Engine trails on the T?liss are white instead of green.

3 ? On the Away Team Selection Screen both Ground and Space Skills are displayed.

4 ? In the cutscene when you first arrive at the Flotilla, everyone is half embedded in the floor.

5 ? In the Episode ?Gasko Blues?, none of the NPCs have the contact icon [!] making it a little irritating trying to identify the people you need to talk to. The Lead Scientist and Chief Medical Officer in particular.

6 ? I can only slot my allied BOff as a Department Head in the Doff system, not any of my Romulan BOffs, and even then I can?t access any assignments from the Department Heads tab.

7 ? I can?t change the uniform on any the initial four BOffs. (I suspect this is working as intended, but I really hope it isn?t).

The bugs unique to my female tac Fed;

1 ? With one of the reward BOffs I received (after the initial 4) when I activated her, she lost her initial name and became named ?Tactical Officer?

2 ? In the cutscene where the prisoner escapes from the interrogation room in the Episode ?Enemy Action? the prisoner can?t be seen.

The bugs unique to my male sci KDF;

1 ? The Tal Shiar uniform top has no textures. It looks like he?s wearing a shiny latex top. Oddly, during the Episode ?Mind Games? it looked like the proper Tal Shiar uniform.

2 ? Occasionally the warp out and transporter effects were the Klingon effects rather than Romulan.

Otherwise, excellent work!

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