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What is the FIUP?

FIUP is the Federazione Italiana Unita dei Pianeti (Italian United Federation of Planets), an alliance between several italian fleets. The alliance is open to all italian fleets out there and has the purpose of join italian fleets to play together and enjoy the game, sharing infos and facts about ST:O, having shared in-game chat channells and teamspeak servers, like a big family.

How many fleets are in the FIUP?

The actual list is:
-Armata Imperiale Italiana
-Bastardi senza gloria
-Celestial Being Italia
-Confederazione Klingon Italiana
-Confederazione Stellare Italiana
-Discendenti di K'Ehleyr
-Italians_ELITE KDF
-Maquis Italia
-Marina Militare Virtuale Italiana

What is the Embassy of FIUP?

The Embassy of FIUP is a section of FIUP forum specialized for sharing information between italian fleets and other ST:O fleets, like a big place where fleets and players can coordinate events, ask whatever they want, talking about ST:O in general and so on.
We invite all fleets and all players to join the forum and share the love for this game

FIUP - Home
FIUP - Forum
Embassy of FIUP

...Live long and prosper...
| CSI - Confederazione Stellare Italiana | @NandoPC |

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