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I have been playing a Romulan on the Tribble for the past week and have enjoyed the experience. I just have a few issues taht I have noticed.

1. When a Romulan joins one of the factions (Federation or Klingon), there should be an entrance door with a connecting hallway that leads from the Faction's Embassy to the Romulan Command Center. It could even be a short elevator ride. Right now you have to beam back up to your starship and then transport to the Command Center.

2. When going to a Factions Home World or other areas, sometimes the system locks up on you. I invited a Federation player on to my Warbird and he wasn't able to move around on the ship. Something similar happened to me when I first went to ESD and to Earth with my Romulan.

3. For the Federation or the Klingons. The new missions are not accessible. This is making their new Tribble characters unplayable. They aren't able to reach 25th level so they are able to create Romulan characters.

This is just a few issues that I noticed or thought would be nice to have available.

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