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First off, a generic issue - female Romulan in civilian vest suffers badly from clipping. This is especially noticeable when in combat (using rifles) and when crouching - it looks like said female's shoulder blades morph through clothing, to the point where about 1/5 of the back is colored like skin.

This is just an example, it could look even worse.

1. After beaming down and running forward to scan radiation/fight off first group of animals (cats?) , there is a possibility for Observing Wildlife. There is a bunch of Epohhs in the pool to the right from first radiation zone. Thing is, they are running around underwater. Could the spawn point be moved so they frolic on dry land?

2. Tholians. Some may claim they are too difficult to defeat. There is on ething that could be done to make the fight a bit easier without nerfing them. Just move their spawn point a little further away from the area where player and hies crew will be, thus giving more time between Tholian groups - it would allow to resuscitate fallen boffs and would also help with some ability cooldowns.
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