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So I have really enjoyed most of my beta time and I love 90% of what has been made. I have been posting bugs and feedback but then I realized something that the Romulans are missing, Romulan fleet gear.

As Romulans are not as solid of a third faction as I would like, I want to give some solutions and a work around for the current system. I realize that Romulan star bases would cost Cryptic a lot of money to make, along with them not being an independent full third faction, as that is the real reason behind this choice compared to the redirection of the "new star base scenario".( Before any readers nerd rage remember it is the same to start a starbase for a KDF, FED or ROM with the only difference being the assets saved up and the available player base.)

So to my point Romulans still want to feel like Romulans and Cryptic has done a nice step with the restriction of T5 Allied ships, also thank you for that very much. We all know we will be getting Romulan Fleet ships and that is fantastic. But what we are missing is Romulan fleet gear ground weapons with ultra rare with unique skins. Elite Fleet Romulan Plasma weapons are also missing.

So here is the suggestion a 1 to 1 trade you buy the item you want from your fleet store example [Elite Fleet Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg] [Acc]x2] and now you go to Romulan Command on new Romulus to a new npc. This new npc will exchange [Elite Fleet Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg] [Acc]x2] for [Elite Fleet Romulan Plasma Dual Heavy Cannons Mk XII [Dmg] [Acc]x2] with no extra cost. If the gear needs to be itemized for the FED of KDF that is on the devs end to work out. One of the cool things with fleet gear are the ground weapon skins and a new unique Romulan themed weapon skin would be nice.

This is really just food for thought and another way to make the Romulans feel a little more independent and not just pushed into a Fed or KDF fleet.

Other thoughts:
Warp core vs Singularity cores - I remember the patch notes and explanation of warp core getting a lot of passive buffs depending on rank and quality. Does this also hold true for the singularity core and if not should we really be trying to balance the singularity core without comparing it to a comparable high end warp core? PS: Loved the Idea Geko said about the cloak and singularity core power levels that was very cool.

Earning Dilithium and getting particle traces as a Romulan - We currently don't seem to have the explore set of missions that you can do on Fed or KDF or a mission set like the Pi Canis KDF mission set. Down the road after LOR has released can we get a mission set close to the Pi Canis set for the Tau Dewa block that is not a Romulan rep mission?

Current ground kits- Pre picking a side I had KDF mines and post I have Fed mines for my Eng. Is it possible to add a new visual set to Romulan ground deployables? Also the new tricoder for Romulans is cool when it displays.

Remind us that we are Romulans - I have played all the mission that you can replay between 2 and three times on the test server and a few even more. I think we need another set of dialogue somewhere that has a voice over so no one misses it. The context needs to include that we are not Federation who focus to peace and diplomatic end but are really space cowboys ready to shoot anything that moves. We are also not honorable warriors of the Klingon empire that are ready attack every helpless transport we can find. But we are Romulans a stubborn race and proud and a little quick to anger but willing to get down and dirty and do lots of bad stuff to suit our ends. (Go play the missions if you don't know what I'm talking about.) -Geko talked about this and I did not get this point until afterwards as I have been playing Fed and KDF for years and was playing my Romulan as such.

Unification not Civil War - Now that I can't group with my friend because I made a Fedrulan and he a Klinka'ron it is a little sad. Can the dev team look at adding some mission sets down the road and a method that you can team up with your Romulan brothers?

Again I love this game and already picked up my legacy pack to show my support for this game.

Well I think I will go work on the Crystalline entity stuff and then play through some more of the new KDF missions.
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04-26-2013, 04:23 PM
They really just need to let us team up cross faction. With cross faction content, mixed teams of Fed and KDF would be useful, and it would also allow Romulans to team up on their missions.

They would have to put locks to keep players from doing missions outside their faction.

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