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# 1 Hoh'Sus build
04-30-2013, 02:19 PM
So I just picked up a Hoh'sus BoP and I made a devastating 4 DHC build

this is a pretty nice build for 3 reasons:
  1. Polaron DHCs, plasmonic leach, and energy siphon have the potential to decimate an enemy's power levels (I actually got another ship down to 0 power in all stats in Ker'rat)
  2. Plasmonic leach and Siphon replenish power quickly so my weapon power doesn't drop below 90
  3. since BoP's are more of a hit and run ship, 4 DHCs lower the enemy's shields and as i turn around to gain distance, I can fire a cluster torp for ~20-30k damage

as a side note, the effectiveness of the plasmonic leach is dictated by the flow capacitor skills which is the reason for the FC console. Also, the plasmonic leach affects anything you attack so CSV2 and APB3 make for an effective AoE damage/mass power drain/DR debuff.

Feel free to make suggestions as to how to make this better.
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# 2
04-30-2013, 05:21 PM
If you have the EC for them, you might consider Polarized Disruptor weapons (previous lock box reward). Those have the Polaron drain procs and Disruptor resist debuff procs, letting you deal more damage.
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# 3
04-30-2013, 05:43 PM
Is this for pvp or pve? a Fleet Somraw would be better for pve then a BOP, especially if you are doing 4 DHC with it, it has the same console layout and better shields and hull, and 1 more rear weapon so more procs.

I love the Fleet Hoh'Sus, but it is more of a pvp alpha striker ship then anything else. BOP is weaker then escorts, so you want to quickly kill targets with beam overload and torpedo high yield while tractoring them, then immediatley running and cloaking after. Sometimes you can spike a player with a 4 DHC alpha, but the spike isn't as fast and not nearly as reliable. Instead of worrying about all this draining and manuvering around to fire a rear cluster torp or whatever you can just wait cloaked until someone pops omega, then buff and wait for omega to run out and declaok, tractor, BO, and HY. This often results in crits when you instantly tractor and fire while their def bonus is 0, causing many near instant kills, sometimes in 1 or 2 shots only.

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