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05-03-2013, 06:50 PM
well said spacefortress

i hope eventually we will end up with some fixes to the engine problem though i find the best defense against these terrible bops is a good offense.

bring a nebula with a scanning package aboard and those bops will give you plenty of room .

don't forget the fact that while higher end bops take more skill it takes alot less skill for a bop to get their alpha high and thus you will see alot of trolls running around.

but as i said best way to block these bops is a good scanning/decloaking package using your buffs sparingly oh and turn your sound up a bit you can hear them from between 0km-7km maybe more depending where your camera is in relation to them.and if you can hear them before they decloak or while they are decloaking you can put up the brickwall and laugh at them good luck.
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