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Since there are many class offerings occurring simultaneously, I'll make it a point to be available for a large chunk of time prior and post session.

I'll try to be on TS and wrangling interested participants around 7 pm est tomorrow.

I have received tentative word from two players( Bleops, Spells) to aid in the live practice demonstrations and testing, respectively.

Potential summary/ plan of action:

-A. Brief simple introduction to the semantics and terminology of the relevant ingredients to a successful one shot tactic.

--1. Basic window timing offensively and defensively.
-Advanced deeking.
--2. Buff sequencing for maximum effect overlap/ "misfire" control/ limited keybinds
--3. Execution. "Last minute" post decloak activations and order/timing. Instant Damage*

B. An overview of viable* Alpha strategies.

--1. Raw DHC (hosus)
--2. Single DBB (Single BO) (Norgh) (marion-less double tap with tac ini +emptw or wpn batt)
--3. 2 Dbb 2 Bo skill (diff level) (Marion prefered)
----a Brel stun variant
----b Hosus Max Dmg
----c *MiniMaxs current bullcrap build (deek mode)
#### Torpedoes and why each option should have them to mathematically maximize spike. (unspecced 50k hy1 crit q torp say what!?)

C. History of Greatness (obsolete styles)
1. Season 1 vm lock
2. Season 1.2 Target Subs Lock (sensors boosts it!)
3. Broken brel fail era (lolz) (dont heal me bro!)
4. Tricobalt Golden age
5. Skill Tree change PSW explosion sauce (100k crit)
6. Crit splode tricos golden age that never happened.....

777. Modern Era of pwn. What it takes to git r dun. A Quick overview of Gear and rep options u NEED to have (if u dont know by now.....)

D. In a private map or kerrat Live Alpha runs/recorded and ACT logged
1. I can bring stun and raw with marion, anyone capable or willing can show their gusto vs tank/ escort target types, and the log will show the pinnacle alpha solution.
2. mt tie said hed come, i expect him to top chart....
3. you and your buddy who said his fawscort pwns

E. Disclaimer/ Sad reality Reminder
1. Speccing for maximum damage and minimum everything else leaves u humorously ill equipped to do anything but die horribly vs opposition. While its true the late game sets and placates increase potential survivability, the focus of this lesson isn't on defense. It is only through killing your opponent that victory comes.

In that vain know that I have spent 3 yrs and 140 days /played on one toon aiming to achieve the instant kill, I share my advice and knowledge not so that you think it is best, merely so you may experience the joy of an interesting and maddeningly fun aspect of STO. Qapla cyas tomorrw
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04-27-2013, 08:14 AM
I am looking forward to this mini...and I offer my Cruiser as cannon fodder to the bop gods

Cryptic make the tricobalt worth targeting again...

Good Luck And Have Fun Out There...

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04-27-2013, 02:10 PM
Yup, I want to bring my Norgh, and I can switch to my Fed Alt cruisers if needed to.

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