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Hello, Hello,

The title says it generic like. Ok for starters, im not even sure if ill be joining another fleet, but that is atleast in part why im posting this... to see if any really good/cool fleets pop up. For the most part i am highly self reliant. for me a fleet is more about the social aspect of the game.

About me:

Former long time highest ranking tier of membership (voted in by my peers), other than founding member. of a multi - divisional/ multi - faction fleet. This fleet consisted of 7 different divisions or regular sized fleets as most of you know them. Thousands of players. One of the biggest in sto, im sure. Co-leader of said fleets pvp team. Teacher, Chatter, Jokester, Enforcer, Drinker, Hell-raiser. Tribble tester, Exchange expert, log- parsing, keybind using, pve'er pvp'er, kerrat doom skittle flying... all around decent guy. Doom cuddle ftw.

What id be looking for in a fleet:

Ability to work my way to the very top... i will never again have another person over me with the rope for the guillotine in hand. I will not be stifled chatwise if your fleet has children or over sensitive ppl in it were probably not gonna work out. Active chat with jokesters and crazy ppl is a big plus . Active fleet as far as events/ stf's is a big plus. Ability to contribute to, and buy from fleet stores from the get go. no 10 mil payments here or there. Back up if i decide to go start trouble in kerrat would be a plus. If you are a fleet of hot chicks that needs a sexy guy to uh... whatever.. that would be a plus j/k. I would also entertain offers from some of the pvp fleets out there. Some ppl may recognize my @handle. It is same in game as this post.

Thanks for reading,
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04-27-2013, 06:36 PM
You may be a good candidate for my fleet, chat = adult, few members remaining (weve been on since day 1) random player intervals (times on) plenty of room to grow, fleet rank will be earned steadily as contributions prove OFC but we are casual (no guillotine) lmk @kintisho

my join date was 02/03/2010 Kintisho 5,667,083(19,081)-ISA-
Career Officer
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04-29-2013, 02:53 AM
Well if you decide that its time to move on and find a new home. Ill bluntly put this out there for you.

Starfleet Operations Command is a very well down to earth type fleet. We have a rank structure, solid starbase/embassy. But that kinda stuff to us is just "the little things". We are more into the people within the fleet. We are all very adult.. and have some very very good times in chat. So no worries about that. Again we are more like a family then a fleet. We do welcome all new folks in. We arent the type to keep to the select group that have been with the fleet for along time and not allow the oppertunity for new folks to become part of that "core family". Pretty down to earth group.. and no drama...and Im saying that with a straight face.

Everyone has a say on how the fleet progresses. We love new ideas and improvements. So from all that I have said has hit something within you.. then shoot me a pm and we can talk further.

What ever the end result, I wish the very best in your journeys.

Leader of Starfleet Operations Command - Klingon Elite Honor Guard
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05-02-2013, 09:38 PM
LOL so many views yet so few replies?? I must truly be trouble! Perhaps it is best to stay lone wolf.
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Hey there,

Naturally, I am here to advertise my fleet. It's not something you'd expect though, as it is an RP fleet. You said that you were looking for something different, and given your experience within the game, this could provide an interesting challenge to you. We have a mature set of officers within the fleet, and there is definitely room for promotions, however, that is based on involvement with the fleet (both RP and not).

I won't bore you with a long-winded essay, but I invite you to check out our fleet website, as well as our forum thread.

Any questions regarding the fleet, you can contact @ubermatten or @kpts4tv.

Cheers, and good hunting!
Starfleet Veteran
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05-03-2013, 09:25 AM
?I just saved a bunch of money on my starship insurance by switching to GEICO.? lol I could not resisted

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