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# 1 Patrol Mission\Reputation
04-28-2013, 06:15 AM
So many of you have no doubt flown past a Planet and seen the message "Patrol the (whatever) system." You warp in and usually have to kill 5 squads of enemys, or scan 5 items ect.

These missions are not a part of any story line and really only serve to help you level up and gain experience points.
Now in the Eta Eridani block you can repair Satilites and do the Defence contract for Data chips and Deuterium and after you have a set amout of chips you unlock a special mission.

And there is a Freightor that you can rescue once a day. I think it's called the Sh'mar.

Where im going with this is there needs to be a Space set that is better than the Aegis set for newer players.
Why not have a reputation system that when you do these random patrol missions that are in every sector you get Data chips that you can then use to buy this set.
This set should be good enough to allow new players enter into STF's and other harder end game content.
There are many ideas I have for these Patrol missions, Cryptic could make a scavenger hunt like reputation system where you have to fly around from system to system doing these Patrol missions to find rare drops or items that you can use to craft XII weps or Consoles.

There needs to be another way to get XII purple console besides the Childrens Toy Doff Chain.
It just seems that these Patrol missions are a waist after you hit level 50 unless you are hurting for xp.
There could even be a hidden story in these missions. Randomly while doing one a strange ship could warp in a send you a strange message about a rare item or energy signature they ran into in another system. You go to check it out and find an item that leads you to another system and so on. Basically Cryptic has all these Patrol missions that serve no real purpose. Put them to use. Player have been screaming for new content and with a few modificatons the new content is already there. Just combine all these patrol missions together and give a good reward at the end and players will love it.
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# 2
05-03-2013, 04:23 PM
personally I agree. toss something decent into the T5 rep thingies. or atleast at the star-base/embassy . they both take for ever to get to T5 so why not? and sure i guess the science consoles in the embassy but why not add eng or tac consoles?

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