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Ok, really guys...

I don't know if it is you guys stress testing the servers, all the activity, or what, but all these disconnects are driving every bit of patience I have out of my system. In effect, you're stress testing the users at this point. I play for 5 minutes, then wait for 10 more to get back into the game after the server kicks me.

I know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue, virtually everyone is. I don't expect this problem to just suddenly go away once the game goes live in less than a month either. And that really worries me, as I hope it worries you.

So, how about some answers? Can any Devs give some answers as to why the server/servers is/are having this problem, and what you guys are doing to try and fix it?

I want to test the game. I've been testing the game since October, but I can't test a game that I can not play due to disconnects to the server after every 5 or 10 minutes of game play.

All I'm asking for are some answers, some real reasons as to why the game is continuously kicking people at seemingly random intervals, along with loading into maps etc.

At least I will have something to tell myself when I'm doing something and the game boots me back to the login screen for no apparent reason.

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