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# 1 Remans look terrible
07-07-2013, 04:14 PM
I was playing around in the Character creator today, thinking about making a Reman Captain, and i Honestly couldn't do it. They just look way too bad, it's awful. From the start, my reman popped up in an open uniform and the detail was literally on the head only. The hands had that overly veiny look, but no reman spots of anything, both of which end visibly were the Federation uniforms end, and any skin in between is clearly just the default skin which again makes him look terrible right from the start.

Next i try on the Really cool Reman headset 2 which the reman ears are clearly clipping through.... As cool as the head set is, it is a reman exclusive, and yet the reman ears by default, are sticking out through them...

Next i came to the head options. Let me just say that this was a joke because they don't even look like the remans in the film... the only remans we've ever seen canon wise, and these guys can't even get that look right, it's the same story with the Jem'Hadar. They're close, but clearly not screen accurate, which is really kind of sad. The Female remans are even worse, which really kind of made it's point by having four presets which were so different they could have been different species. There were only a few options which i didn't mind that much, but one of them was adding the Romulan Face details, which wouldn't be too bad, if the Default (unchangeable) Reman details didn't overshadow them making them a little on the useless side.

Then in regards to making a uniform, it was just as bad given that most of the uniform options for a starting Romulan character are the open uniforms, that again, look terrible because of the complete disregard of skin detail below the neck. Of the other uniforms, they were clearly Romulan, and from anything i've seen or heard of the Store bought reman uniforms, they much like the faces themselves are close but not quite screen accurate, which really means that they weren't worth the money to buy.

Over all, the only thing i liked about the reman Character creator was the two sets of reman goggles under headwear, and the hood, which sadly are reman exclusive. Why is it acceptable for Cryptic to put so little effort into such a huge part of the legacy of romulus? It really is just a negative reflection on the Company when they try to pass this off as something its not and can't even bother to add small details like THE ENTIRE SKIN PATTERN!!! I really hope that if they ever introduce Jem'Hadar as a playable race, they go back and redo the model there, because they clearly missed the mark with the Remans.

They definitely need to go back and take a pass at the character models in the game, because as it stands, a lot of them need a little more work.

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