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04-29-2013, 09:22 AM
Red Alert! Wall of Text Incoming!!!

Can someone point me in the direction of a post or podcast that someone from Cryptic discusses the reason for uniform costume pieces and off duty costume pieces being separated and in the case of off duty not being accessible for boffs? I'm just not seeing what the thinking is behind the separation and I'm just curious as to what the original justification was. IIRC, Captain Geko recently more or less said in a Podcast UGC episode that they don't spend much time on costumes compared to ships because ships are a better return on investment, with uniform/costumes not selling very well. To me, that would seem to make opening up the tailor options even more obvious.

I'm not trying to rage on Cryptic even though it may read that way. I'm just genuinely curious about the reasoning since it feels unnecessarily limiting. My time with them goes clear back to closed beta for CoH, and a draw has always been the character customization. When it comes to the boffs, why shouldn't we be able to use any costume pieces that we have purchased/unlocked?

About the only reason that comes to mind is that your boffs are on the clock as Fed/KDF officers and therefore should be in uniform. However, there were characters on the shows that were integral that deviated from the standard proper uniform of the time, mostly due to being allowed to wear pieces from their culture (warrior sash, Bajoran uniform, Troi's cleavage enhancement dresses). Granted, my examples listed are available as uniforms, but if you want to make say an alien race like Deferi or some of the others in STO, they use pieces that are considered off duty. Also, if our boffs are required to wear faction uniforms, why can't we make any changes to Romulan, Reman, Jem'Hadar, or Borg science boffs?

If it's emersion breaking for some people, when? Outside of New Romulus, when do you get to interact with another player's boffs that you didn't team with? You see one boff with other captains on New Romulus, you see them if you go to their bridge, and you can see a few if you don't fill a ground mission with players. The last two options would imply that you know the person or are otherwise ok with teaming with them and seeing their mobster tac boff or lady-of-the-night medic.

It just seems like it would open up additional revenue for Cryptic to unlock the costumes for our boffs and even let us edit some of currently locked boffs. I get Breen not wearing Fed/KDF uniforms, but what about changing between different types of Breen uniforms? Why can we make the female Borg engineers look human/Klingon with proper uniforms, but not the science officer?

While I probably wouldn't use the mercenary or robes pieces on my captain, I could see using them on boffs for the purpose of creating alien race consultants, refugees, non-faction member officers (like Bajorans before they joined the Feds), diplomats, scientists, etc.

Again, I'm just really puzzled by what feels like a somewhat unnecessary separation, especially when it limits my desire to purchase something. Not only costume packs, but even additional costume slots for boffs. I'm hoping someone can point out what I'm missing or even better tell me that they're looking to make a change to this.


P.S. - With the new RRW faction uniforms coming, is there any chance that that will replace the shanty town rags that the Romulan boffs are currently locked into?
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04-30-2013, 07:15 AM
My wild guess is that at the time that was build in somebody at cryptic for whatever reasons though it a good idea (if somebody at cryptic reads this: It wasnt; but youre probably aware of that too).

Bright side: I have read that there had been lots of tailor changes on tribble. With luck this flaw (together with long lasting issues like the uncustomizable KDF Marauder BOFF) gets fixed with the Romulan expansion.
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04-30-2013, 11:46 AM
My favorite bug on Tribble right now is that my romulan has invisible arms but visible hands. She fights with dual pistols so they kind of float in the air in front of her like she's levitating them via telekinesis.

It will get fixed, and it really should because I know 99.9% of people would be upset by it. But it's fun while it lasts.
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04-30-2013, 03:30 PM
My catian lives in a dapper white suit. His backup danc... er officers have some of those ToS uniforms with nice short skirts... might look better if they were in formal wear.

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