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Originally Posted by awiggen View Post
That would be fun having your own alts be the bad guy. the only problem would be they would come off generic sounding and not like how you would want them to act. For example my Gorn sci captain would never waste time on an evil master mind speech unless he was stalling for some reason.
Originally Posted by dom1941 View Post
Maybe have the "personalities" more..."Advanced"...say have for alts who arnt a talkative type be a "shoot first ask questions later" or (for the gorn at least) have them more...animalistic
This is kind of why I suggested that a STO Nemesis system needs to build off an existing enemy group. It would make it a lot easier for Cryptic to write missions and dialogue that would work with a Nemesis and they could reuse a lot of the same resources in place for the rest of the game.

Say you pick a Nemesis who is a True Way Cardassian. They could re-write existing Cardassian missions to shoehorn in a Nemesis as well as write new Cardassian missions just for the Nemesis system. The bad guys would look, talk, and act like Cardassians because the dialogue and the mission objectives would have been built that way.
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I would love to have a mirror be more of a khan type, or even a shinzon type, someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Just think of the epic battles.

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