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05-06-2013, 01:37 PM
I agree on the freeform aliengen for Romulans. It's stupid, it makes no sense whatsoever, and it's not too late for them to take it out.

Maybe we should all get podcasts and be whiny idiots to get our way? It seems to work.
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05-13-2013, 10:26 PM
One thing to remember, is that while Romulans are xenophobic, they're not xenophobic in the sense that they don't tolerate any other species. They're more xenophobic in that they're paranoid about any species that's not in the Romulan Star Empire (thought they're also pretty paranoid about everyone else in the RSE. Comes with the territory). The RSE was listed as having numerous subject species within the Empire long before Nemesis, just the Remans are the only ones ever shown or mentioned. Presumably, virtually all of the subject species are/were treated about as well as the Remans were, most as slaves with a lucky few serving Romulans in high positions. So you could make the case in that regard for other species to appear in the Romulan Republic, afterall, if they're reconciling with the Remans, why not other subjugated species? Not that I want to see every second character being non-Romulan for the Romulan Republic; Romulans should constitute the very clear majority.

That all said, I always wanted to play as the Romulan Star Empire, not the Romulan Federation of Planets. Not that I didn't enjoy the first bunch of missions I played on Tribble, they were quite good, but I would have preferred having your peace-loving diplomatic faction, your warrior faction and your sneaky paranoid SOB faction.
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05-13-2013, 11:18 PM
Looks as if all the Romulan specific Veteran Rewards are marked as:
*Will not be available at the launch of Legacy of Romulus but is currently planned for development.

Currently, that list includes:
100 Days FREE Costume Piece - Veteran Romulan Combadge*
200 Days FREE Costume Piece - Special Romulan Veteran Uniform Option*
500 Days FREE Exclusive Costume Piece (Romulan)*
800 Days Unique Duty Officer Assignment*
900 Days FREE Exclusive Romulan Starship "Material"*
900 Days FREE Exclusive Romulan Uniform Variant*
1000 Days Republic Veteran* See EDIT below.
1000 Days FREE Exclusive Romulan Veteran Starship*
1000 Days Exclusive Forum Title to Choose From - Republic Veteran*

I guess the 1000 Days "Republic Veteran" reward is listed twice because it will be an in-game title and forum title? Currently there's no actual mention of it being an in-game title as well.

Is there any sort of timeline as to when we'll be seeing these rewards become available?

EDIT: Shortly after posting this I logged onto Tribble to check my Romulan and immediately received the "Republic Veteran" title!

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