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04-30-2013, 10:32 PM
Originally Posted by doffingcomrade View Post
For merely 10M EC, I will sell you the secret of how I can earn 10M EC in about 30 seconds!
Pssh. I'll give the secret to you and one of your friends for only five million each!
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05-02-2013, 01:03 AM
EC isn't hard to make, ive made just over 3mil in a week and ive only been playing that long
I also have around 25-30k dilithium which is something i need to drastically increase now im level 47 going on 48.
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05-02-2013, 02:26 AM
The first thing would be to get to 50 asap. Low-level items usually aren't worth much, both on the exchange and selling them to a vendor.

Doffing, running farming foundry missions, doffing, keeping an eye on the exchange (especially if you know what certain doff and boffskills are worth) and perhaps even more doffing.

Making EC also gets much easier if you're running more than one character.
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05-02-2013, 08:00 AM
There are a few methods of making EC. I am certainly not an expert, but this KDF dog has learned a few tricks in time.

First of you have 3 important methods of "dumping" your loot.
1. The good old replicator which you can use anywere. Just open your Inventory -> Replicator -> Recycle and dump your stuff. - Please be advised that this method is fast, but gives the least EC for items.
2. The Vendor - This NPC will buy items you wish to sell for more EC then the Replicator, so always a better choice.
3. Exchange - Player economy... Some things sell for LOADS, while other things here are worth nothing.

My advice would be to try and sell as much as possible on the exchange, not only because it helps your fellow players, but also because you can make a lot more EC then with Replicator or Vendor.
There is a BUT however. You should always check 2 things:
a) What can I get for it when I sell it at a Vendor.
b) What are other players asking for this item on the exchange.

If you try and sell at a higher price then what the Vendor will give you, but at a slightly lower price then your fellow player your item might get bought with a nice profit for you.

Always be mindfull of the 2 items (a + b) however... I have seen on many occasion that players put things on the exchange that are cheaper then (s)he would have gotten from dumping in the replicator. That is very bad EC management if you want to grow your wealth (at least as far as I am concerned).

Sometimes it happens that your item will not be sold, then either lower your price on the exchange or sell at a vendor. It depends on how much patience you have.

Also what already has been mentioned...
Replaying old missions and sell the loot...
For example sell any piece of the mk xi jem hadar set for example for 100k at the vendor or 80k in the replicator.

I hear said that anomalies for crafting can be in high demand and sell for a nice price on the exchange... If you are willing to grind for them.

In time you will discover many tricks of your own.
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05-02-2013, 08:41 AM
Originally Posted by trainmaster2000 View Post
I would like to know the best way to get energy credits.
1. Buy duty officer mini packs for less than 120k, green doffs for less than 60k, blue for less than 180k, purple for less than 540k
2. Break all the green, blue, and purple down to common.
3. Sell the common.
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05-07-2013, 08:27 PM
Thanks guys!
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05-08-2013, 05:11 PM
Kerrat.. I make about 3mil+ a day spending 30min there. Need a good build, that's fast on the engines and huge spike damage or don't bother.

STO is the best game ever and the players love it.
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05-08-2013, 05:23 PM
LOL, mostly common DOFFs will make you more money then rarer ones, because people need them for their Fleet Bases.
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05-08-2013, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by trainmaster2000 View Post
I would like to know the best way to get energy credits.
foundry gives some nice drops too tho it capped.

also if u get 1st place in starbae24 minefield etc... u can get some nice drops some times worth 6mil+
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This post should have said. Give me all your ideas how I can make EC. So the dev's understand and nerf them in the next patch.

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