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# 1 My Bug Reports as of 4/30/13
04-30-2013, 04:43 PM
Select Screen:
I have a bug where my Boffs dont show up now since the 4/29/13 Patch
>>>> Picture <<<<

Guy Standing on console sideways by the Ground Equipment Vender
>>>> Picture <<<<

Formal Wear Fed Side:
The Toons Top part of the body and the arms are missing
>>>> Picture 1-1<<<<
>>>> Picture 1-2<<<<

>>>> Picture 2-1<<<<
>>>> Picture 2-2<<<<

>>>> Picture 3-1<<<<
>>>> Picture 3-2<<<<

Off Duty:
Jacket tight:
The top part of the toon is missing the arms and the top looks like the 3d model of the top (donno if u understand that lol)
>>>> Picture <<<<

some i found...
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