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# 1 Bugs that are really annoying
01-15-2010, 09:26 PM
Ok over the past 24 hours I have seen some bugs rearing their ugly head and will post what they are here.

1: Again the avatar is not changing between space and ground this is highly annoying and was fixed after the 1st patch but its back now.

2: On random ground missions I am MISSING my away team they never come down with me and there is no option for reinforcements leaving me totally alone.

3: Load times seem to vary one time loads right up another time takes well over a minute (this is for retrieving character list as well) These are random and happen sparodically in all aspects of the game on any load screen. There are even times it wont even load and i have to restart the game.

4: Weapons not firing but they are on cooldown like you fired them both in space and ground weapons.

5: Equiping seems to have a huge lag to it and it takes literally 20-45 seconds for the item to be taken off or put on your BO's. This also happens while in space with your avatar and or ship (though not as much)

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