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HI there,

looking at Caspian Divsion, now we all know what can happen when someone hacks into a Fleet Leader's account and destroys everything someone built up.

This made me think of a failsafe mechanism: "Good Shepherd"


And this is what I think it could be:

There is an official list somewhere with the Top 10 biggest, best known Fleets out there.

1. Each of these Top 10 Fleets can apply for a seal of quality/trust. To get this, Fleet members can rate their Fleets with a 5 Star system, and when the fleet has an average rating of 4 - 4.5 Stars, it can apply for a seal of quality/trust.

2. Fleet "New" wants to make sure that no one hacks into their system, so they activate the "Good Shepherd". They choose one of these Fleets with the seal of quality/trust.

3. Fleet "Quality/Trust" accepts the "Good Shepherd" request and one of the Fleet Leaders becomes the "Good Shepherd".

The "GS" gets:
- A One-Time-Code to the "Fleet New" Base.
- Real E-Mail adresses, FB pages etc.. of the "Fleet New" leaders.

4. Someone hacks into a Fleet Leaders account at "Fleet New" and starts throw people out of the Fleet and even dismisses the Fleet Leaders.

5. The "Good Shpeherd Failsafe Mechanism" kicks in, mainly with the help of pre-programmed Algorithms. Like "There is to much change going on within a short time.."
It stopps any change and the "Fleet New" is under a lock-down.

6. The "Good Shepherd of Fleet Quality/Trust" is beeing informed about the lock-down. He looks at the changes made to "Fleet New" with the help of some sort of timeline and sees who was the one doing the changes.

7. He informs the original "Fleet New Leaders" with E-Mail or FB and tells them about that.
He asks if that is ok, that somone is taking over the Fleet, or if it is not ok.

8A. When they say "YES" he opens the "Fleet New" with the help of the One-Time-Code, the new guy there continues to do the changes.
The "Good Shepherd of Fleet Quaility/Trust" has done his job and he is relieved of his burden. He is no longer a "Good Shepherd".


8B. When they say "No", he is not opening the "Fleet New" and he reports the intruder to a GM, the intruder is kept under quarantine.
One of the original "Fleet New Leaders" gets the One-Time-Code and opens the Fleet again. Sure he has to find new Fleet Members, but all the progress so far is safe.


Sure there is a lot to figure out about the mechanic of such a Failsafe Mechanism, but maybe someone likes the idea.

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