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# 1 Mission: Hidden Agenda
05-01-2013, 09:42 PM
There appears to be some problem with the pathing of the away team. They get stuck in grooves and can easily be left behind until you go back to them and get them to follow you out of the crevice they've gotten themselves stuck in.

This is particularly noticeable with Commander Khaiel N'vek. It takes some time for him to decide to follow you. And even if he isn't caught in a crevice somewhere and is just standing in the middle of a room you have to go back to him and circle him a few times to get him to follow.

When you Click the "Escape" button to transfer to the next map, he appears in odd places. This last run he was stuck face forward in a borg Alcove. There is a button that says talk to him, and when you do it says "Centurion, return to me immediately. I have new instructions for you" Clicking acknowledged and then attempting to speak to him again only produces the same message. You must walk far enough away from him for the mission objectives to update then run back to him.

The minimap is also disconnected from what you must do next which is speak to Commander N'vek. The map indicates that the next objective is in a chamber with borg drones lining the walls. To the left and right are ramps. It appears that the objective is dead center of the room however there is nothing to engage. Only after speaking with N'vek are you told to defend him against the drones in that room. Only then does it become clear why the green circle is placed there.

It shouldn't highlight green until you've spoken to N'vek.

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