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right now we have several discrepancies with how uniforms are implemented between the two factions, and with a new faction being added to the mix, uniforms and outfits are going to become harder to deal with. That added to the fact that there are a lot of complaints and wishes for what can be done with the uniform system, we need to establish a new way of taking care of it.

1) merge outfits down to uniform and off duty. Currently the klingons have no off duty options and the feds have off duty, uniform, formal and the reputation armor, that it gets hard to customize outfits to ones liking.

my suggestion is to merge all faction specific options into standard uniform slots and all non faction specific options (and options that shouldn't be faction specific) into the off duty slot. These two categories will be kept track of by the game so that the game can tell if a uniform is standard or off duty. This will play in with my next suggestion.

This will help keep things down to two categories, making it simpler to manage as a player and give greater depth to your choices.

2) Give Bridge officers an off duty uniform slot. While it nice the player can make some really nice outfits in the off duty slot, they can't make a uniform for their entire crew to wear with off duty parts. This gives that option, and because the game will track stanard and off duty, you can then go to your drop down menu where you select "change outfit" and you can toggle your Boffs between uniform and off duty wear.

3) Add in the armors and equipment looks into the off duty options. while still maintaining the ability to toggle equipment on standard uniforms, have the pieces available for use in the off duty as actual parts would allow far greater control over looks and style, while growing options. This would also give Klingon players access to these option. You could even make these options available for standard uniforms as well. with the toggle replacing your costume options in cases of overlap.

4) Add non faction options that can be worn by everyone. the meat and bones of these options. take the existing options, including the formal and mercenary options (which should still be bought from the c-store,) and make it available for all to use. this would fill in the lack of options for klingons, and Romulans (off duty wise) and allow for more universal rewards and shops to sell items to all factions, like much of the clothing options in the lobi crystal shops.

this would include adding more options, in may different categories, giving variants to the orion outfits that would be more appropriate for all species (basically not give the orion options, but items in the same theme.) Add in military and armor fashions that you would not see from either Star Fleet or the KDF, and much of the civilian outfits seen through out the Star trek shows. This would even be a great place to add in clothing options that are seen from the shows that are worn by other cultures.

Many of these options can be bought from the C-store, or as rewards for missions, or even from venders through out the sector. Like DS9 can have it's own set to sell, while Nimbus III would have things more appropriate to them. Vulcan would have vulcan outfits, like hoods, and so forth. (Just make sure that these options can be bought either from the specific location, or via the exchange for places that can only be reached by one faction. Ex: klingons can't go to vulcan, but they can still get vulcan options if the desire.)

this would greatly increase peoples desires to use off duty uniforms, and allow for more options to be added that people want from the shows.

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