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Just wondering if these are going to come out and what kind of consoles they have the possibilities of having?

Anyone have any ideas?

Also it would be cool to have Skul Fighters, Orion Interceptors and all those other shuttles as Avalible Shuttles for the KDF. Maybe one like the Delta Flyer. Orion Slaver maybe? Lulz

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05-02-2013, 05:20 PM
More KDF ships, in general, probably depends on how popular/profitable the faction will be after Legacy of Romulus launches.

Been wanting to see an Orion Interceptor as a 'Small Craft' for a while for now. Perhaps something Ferasan as well to go with a proper ship for them.

As for abilities for lower tier ships.. I know those Nausican fighters("Stingers") still have that obnoxious 'Oh hai! You can no longer turn!' beam that doesn't show up as a debuff and cannot be removed and sometimes persists for several seconds after you destroy the fighter in question.... /EndRant

Otherwise, I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of neat mine layer console for a Gorn ship(maybe a 'net' that allows you to 'drag' a deployment of mines behind your ship).

For an Orion ship, perhaps some kind of console that slows the recharge of skills - a bit like the Subnucleonic Beam's debuff("Seductive Broadcaster", "Neural Inhibitor", "Entertainment Hologram Projector" or some such).
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05-02-2013, 05:42 PM
I think the Orion ones would be more Flight Deck Cruisers.

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