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Since the bug report interface is unreachable at the time of this post.. I will put it here in case any Dev's read this area.

Tribble Test Server Bug Report:
Placement of big person tray #1's fire all buttons is too low after arranging UI.

Big person tray #1 has the location of its "fire all" buttons off center.. (beams, torpedo, and all).

If you change your user interface using f12 and then try to re-size your big person tray 1 using the 1 - 4 numbered presets, the buttons to the left of the tray for "fire all beams, fire all torpedo, and fire all" get set too low for placement of the tray at the bottom of your display.

Category : User interface

Steps to reproduce:
1- Hit f12 to arrange your user interface placement of "big person tray #1" so it is easy to see.
2- Hit f12 again to leave user interface mode.
3- Select the tray size preset on "big person tray #1" so it shows 1 row of abilities.
4- Select the tray size preset again to show 3 rows of abilities (note the placement of the fire all buttons appear too low next to the tray).

Location: T'liss System (Alpha Centauri Sector Block)
Zone: Vendor sector #1
Mission: N/A
Loc: 5387, 63, 746

The placement of the three fire all buttons on the side of the preset abilities tray (big person tray #1) is low. When you adjust the placement of the user interface the buttons rearrange and can drop off the view screen if you have the tray at the bottom of your display.


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