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# 1 Cross Cryptic-game Trading?
05-03-2013, 04:09 PM
I know there is some inherent risk in trading across games, as there's no safe means of trading - plus it typically isn't allowed at all, but with Neverwinter's release and being published and developed by the same companies using the same resource (Zen) for purchases, I've been curious about trading some of my assets in STO for items in that game.

Would this be allowed through the ToS or not? Technically, all merchandise paid for in both games results in revenue for Cryptic/PWE. I figured I'd ask before I do anything I shouldn't be doing. Thanks.
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05-03-2013, 04:15 PM
If you can do this i'd like to sell all my EC in STO for items in neverwinter too. I think it makes sense since the account is even the same in both games since i can talk in both games chats at the same time.

The best thing I can think of is selling and buying one key at a time to build some trust, then selling more at once

I was thinking of buying keys in neverwinter for 2.4 million EC in STO and i have almost 300 million EC to get rid of to use for keys

But i'd only do this if it was allowed. I dont wanna get banned for doing anything were not allowed to do.
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05-03-2013, 11:54 PM
Somehow, I doubt they'd allow that. The value of zen is higher in Neverwinter than in STO (430+ diamonds per zen on Mindflayer, versus 130ish dil per Zen in STO). Even taking into account the slightly lower value of the diamond compared to dil - approximately 1/3 value based on refinement rates - zen in Neverwinter is still more expensive, in in-game terms. In real world terms, of course, they're equal, but my point is that if Cryptic were to allow cross-game currency trading, they'd link, and therefore destabilize, the economies of both games.

More importantly, this could have an impact on Cryptic's profits. Part of the reason zen is so expensive in Neverwinter is because the game is new, and there's been less opportunity for people to acquire the zen store goodies they're interested in. Therefore, the zen that is in the game is used more often than it is sold. The higher demand for zen in Neverwinter forces more people to spend real money more frequently - something that could be avoided if game economies became linked.

TL;DR: Not likely to happen, because it would end up reducing Cryptic's profits from their new game.

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