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# 1 PvP Design 1.2
05-24-2013, 07:48 AM
This is a revisal for the ever progressing proposal for a world pvp system.

Looking at the game play, I wanted to keep the pve and pvp separated. As much
as i really feel the pver's should be forced to pvp and the amount of realism it
will add to the game, i dont think that people will in general be happy with this.

I must say though, if the devs are willing to take this step, i am fully in support of it.

Open World

Open World content will consist of battles taking place in three locations. Galaxy, Solar, and Planetary.
Each Race will have non-conquerable zones to it. These are marked in the following graphic

Step 1

Galaxy Map Combat will take place in open galaxy space, Like enemy Encounters do.
The mechanics of this are simple to set up.

To conquest in enemy space, you need to enter a system's pvp mode (see below)
to conquer it on planet battles (see below). In order to do this you must transverse
that enemies space to attempt to take those locations.

Once entering another factions space, you will engage auto-flag if in a fleet.
PvP Conquest Will require a PvP fleet, Which needs to be formed out side of a faction territory. This means, To conquer federation space as a klingon you have to go out of federation space, create a fleet (preferably at a star base, or the fleet star base) and
create the pvp fleet with your fleet members, and then enter into the other factions space (federation in this example). One in it, you continue to step two ( see below)

When in this fleet, You show as a hostile deep space encounter, much like the pve encounters now, and are free to be engaged by any pve players, or pvp fleets.

The Federation fleet star base will need to be moved, other wise
if will enable the federation and the klingons to camp out side their fleet
base for fleets forming for conquest. I recommend it be placed in teeneeba sector (just north of sol).

Here is an example of how you will see them on the mini-map

Step 2 - Solar Combat

So you have your fleet, your flying around in federation space, Your job now
is to conquer the systems. To do this you fly up to the system and you get three
pop ups (instead of the current two.

<Enter System> (Patrol)
<Continue Quest> (PvE missions)
<Conquer System> (PvP Objective)

Step 3

So your have selected PvP, and your ready to conquer, You enter
the system, and take out anyone defending it (Space combat).
you can opt to blockade the planet, Or Transport Down to the planet, Moon, Station, Etc
To Claim territory over it.

Conquering the system will include a sort of flag capture game on the surface of
the planet, moon or in the station. You will need to walk up and <Interact> With
the flag (command Council) To Conquer the system.

Obviously, this area should be hard to take, But this will all involve Ground combat,
as opposed to space combat above the planet

Note: Im un sure what should happen to ships in this phase, It may be best
just to unphase them tell they return from the planet.

Note: if you take a system from the defender, they are automatically beamed
up to the ship, and the ship is ejected out side of the system.

Systems can only be attacked every 2-4 hours.

Note: If a faction take a system, The color of the roads in the system changes.
This will also effect the galaxy map.

Additional Patching (Later on)

From here, We should investigate the idea of a fleet leader being able to move, and
public ally allow access to his space station. this creates some kind of lure, and
desirability to travel around. it also gives each faction strategic value for defense/offense
which vastly improve the tactical nature of the game play.

Lastly, it should be noted, that we need more customization to a station, It may be work
the time to add some option to change various things in the fleet station, like colors
or other such things. (maybe add doo-dads that cost fleet credits, like disco balls, dobo tables etc).
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# 2
05-24-2013, 07:59 AM
Patch 3

It may be worth investigating the fleet commander placing his fleet base
where he wants it, but at the cost of jeopardizing it.

In this patch we may want to look at fleets actually being able to zone
instance into a star-bases "instance" to attack it. so that you have
some sort of "fed fleet vs klingon fleet" Fighting.

a good way of doing this is to give each fleet a "star base kill points"
that give that fleet access to special ships. maybe like New technology refits.
that have an extra gun or some more shield regen or something.

special ships will have + 10% Hp, and 10% Damage reduction to all damage types
and + 1 Weapon slot (fore, aft)

For example

10 star base kills, grant access to escorts
25 star base kills grant access to science ships
50 star base kills grant access to cruisers

You may also want to investigate the idea of an on-enemy fleet space base
objective like raiding a vault, or planting explosives to destroy the base.

Obviously you will need to create some sort of repair timer, and cost.
but it shouldent be more then a few million EC and 12 hours or repair.
(costing the fleet temp time to lose its buffs)

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# 3
05-24-2013, 08:16 AM
I agree with most of what you have said. But most of all, PvP needs a purpose. Currently it is just a way to earn dilithium quickly with Feds getting their afts handed to them in Capture and Hold. I would like some conquest objective to it.
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# 4
05-24-2013, 02:02 PM
The above clan system can be one of the reasons.
You can make it so that you can only progress so far into fed/klingon space
before you have to conquer something.

This is a must need mechanic,


you want to integrate the pvp into the fleet based mechanics.

This gives objectives to Fleets for PvP, and thus as a result
will make the fleet focus fully on pvp or pve.

it will really give a meaning to fleets in the game.
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# 5
05-25-2013, 03:38 AM
This kind of system would be awesome, hopefully something like it will happen but Cryptic has made it clear that they like to develop for PvE more, although perhaps when they get foundry, exploration (which are kinda the same thing) and crafting up to par we should see something, something large, hopefully there will be a arena style mode retained however and not all PvP/PvE hybrid mechanics.

But the main issue is the fact that PvP has such a huge learning curve (made much easier by guides etc but still far out of the reach of the average player, who does not want to read to play) and requires quite nice gear to even begin. The best thing Cryptic can do is develop a matchmaking system (and importantly advertise it and give it comparble rewards to EliteSTFs etc), which will nulify this issue bringing a ton of players to PvP. It is kinda weird that PvP, probably the most replayable (hard to get bored of) content in the game, is the component of the game which is the least emphasised. The thing is Cryptic has no reason to switch its current method of content delivery, they would be taking a gamble that players would switch to PvP which may not actually happen, therefore dealing a heavy blow to the game.

They could survey the entire playerbase, but there is no telling what that will do to their reputation, perhaps they could just add a rather large button to the login screen for level 50 players asking what they would like to see in the game, ranking it from best to worst. Although they would have to also explain how it would affect a players experience otherwise no one will choose PvP high up since they have a low opinion of it (of course that statement is a little biased towards PvP but whats wrong with that really).

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# 6
05-25-2013, 10:06 AM
I can agree but honestly I would love to see the games sector space/ zone space kinda set up like eve online with out the warp gate part so the factions would be kling and fed. And the starbase system set up like the POS system. And then have the ground pvp have the win/lose style of battlefield. Being a push/take/kill ticket system.
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# 7
05-25-2013, 04:14 PM
I am against the whole Que for PvP System.

It Robbs games of Realism. In any other game, I could tolerate it
but the above system Would vastly in depth the game play in STO.
It would make it just like the war between federation and Dominion in Ds9.
Gain some area, Lose some.

Honestly, This would bring so many people to this game its not even funny.
And the little amount of work thats required...

Its ok if the noobies get in pvp with out the gear, This is something
that in time we can hot-fix with new items, etc.

But in the mean time we can set everyone on X rank, and enjoy.
A benefit this game has over other systems. (I think Captain Level Is About right).

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