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Seriously, that's the name of the fleet.
I kid you not.
I can pretty much guarantee that will be the name of the fleet when LoR launches.
Basically, because I already have a fleet by that name, and therefore have the name reserved ^_^

This will be a Romulan-central fleet.
If you want to join a Romulan fleet, but are not sure what you're looking for in a fleet, why not start with the fleet that at least has the right name for the job, and is ran by a Lifetime Subscribed STO veteran whom has been here since before launch (not closed beta, just early free preview)?

Also, we will have KDF sister fleet with a slight variation of the name.
i.e. adding "KDF" at the end.
I have THIS name 'reserved', too ^_^

I have ran a couple of fleets in my day, and they have done well for themselves.
The Romulan Republic will be no different.

To reserve your spot in The Romulan Republic, PM or eMail me in-game @Xaiver_Q
OR leave a message in this thread, but make sure to follow forum rules, guidelines, and regulations.

See you beneath the raptor's wing!

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