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One of the main issues I had with this game when I started playing in Open beta was that the minimap is not very good for locating quest NPCs.

For example - as soon as you come into the space dock you are tasked with finding Sulu so you can get a mission. This was the first time I felt it necessary to use the map after all space dock is a big place and the mission did not give me any hints to where he was. The map says he is in Club 47.

After 15 minutes of searching, I then asked in zone chat and got told he is where I started. This is not very good. Firstly it shakes a players faith in what should be a reliable tool. This means that they never bothering looking at the map and instead ask for the location of every NPC in chat.

Some missions, like the promotion to Lt. Commander circle areas miles away from where the actual NPCs are. In this case it was circling a walk away into the centre of the station which had nothing of interest there. Thankfully the mission actually gave directions this time.

The was also ground mission where we had to defend a peace treaty conference and the NPC that you have to talk to wondered off and the map did not mark where she was even after it tasks us with talking to her.

This is a serious flaw in the game and very frustrating to players. The game should do the hard work of tracking NPCs for you by giving you clear and accurate indicators of where to go next.

I can bug all these as I come across them but I am wondering if this is a known issue and I am wasting my time and the developers time in reporting them?

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