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# 11
05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
Can't connect to account server :/

-= ISE: 12:19 -=- CSE 12:41 -=- KASE 11:59 -=- HSe 8:06 total =-
-= KAGE 5:43 =-
[7:07] [Combat (Self)] Your Dual Disruptor Banks - Overload II deals 123086 (41096) Disruptor Damage(Critical) to Assimilated Carrier.
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# 12
05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
Cmon you cant be serious...
Someone tripped over the wires AGAIN????
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# 13 Servers are down... again....
05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
Nothing yet on their Twitter or from an Admin.

Scotty got stuck in the cooling system again.

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# 14 4TH May. Server gone again.
05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
2 computers were playing on the STO, and at exactly the same moment, it crashed. Presisly the same moment. Internet is fine, and this only was fixed 36 hours (or so) ago.

My bet is on Neverwinter again.
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# 15
05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
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# 16 Servers broken again?
05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
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05-04-2013, 01:43 AM
This is getting old.

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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05-04-2013, 01:44 AM
Yep here we go again, right in the middle of fleet mark event again to. Having the never winter launch repeatedly crash my favorite game is not a good way to get me to play never winter.
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05-04-2013, 01:44 AM
Originally Posted by gr4v1t4r View Post
Come on guys, fix it, and to it right this time
Yep me too.
Originally Posted by Ryan Schissler/Online Multiplayer Gaming View Post
(In regards to STO Delta Rising): "Where a fun casual game once sat proudly, a horrible grind fest now stands. All this expansion has made me want to do, is log in less."
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# 20
05-04-2013, 01:44 AM
And I was in the middle of a decent fight in Ker'rat, for once.
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