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The Alpha Omega Explorers are looking for people who like having fun playing STO.

Our fleet will try to cover all aspects (examples: PVE, PVP, and Etc.) of the game and help to make playing the game more fun for all who join our the fleet. The fleet has events from meeting on DS9 just to share a drink and to play dabo to teaming up and fighting back the Borg invasions. The fleet is open for advancement in fleet ranks and rewards (when available) for completing tasks.

Fleet rules: 1: No harassing other members (it is a game, A GAME!) no one wants to be harassed during their "play time, down time, or whatever you call it".

2: Help others when you can when they need help.

3: To get better items in the game you need to help out so... help out, and we can get all of the great items offered by a fleet.

4: Remember if you cann't say nothing nice... bring your complaints to a fleet officer so we might can resolve the problem, before you or the other person leaves the fleet.

5: Ok if you have read this far then, thank you and please join our fleet.

"We will have something to offer everyone" simple, but it is the mission statement.

Fleet Ranks: Cadet, Lieutenant, Lt. Commander, Commander, Captain, Vice Admiral, and the founder's title Commandant.

With the new release of LoR we will welcome any and all who would like to enlist in our fleet.

Thank You, for your interest


P.S. Send a in-game mail to Alan@cad324

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