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Still the UI is a terrible mess.

I'm not able to activate Sensor-scan quite often (not always), it just does nothing. This is not a graphical issue since NPCs don't get the debuff nor i can see the arrow

some Clicks still need several seconds to activate something

timers count to 0 just to jump up to 2 or 5sec. this is a very old bug

Boff-Powers are sometimes usable although powers are still in CD

Boff-Powers are often unusable because UI thinks i'm still too far away or not in arc

Aktivated Cruiser Commands/Sensor Scan etc loose the highlight so i can't tell if they are active or not

A new bug for me: Torpspread often failes. It activates, goes to cooldown but i'm only able to shoot ONE single torp! This is not a graphical issue. i only tested with TS2

still the powers/trays/traits/boffs are removed/changed after map or pet changing

Even if the rest of the game don't lag, which is VERY rare, some STFs (Borg) are laggy as hell, some don't

edit: please move to
Gameplay Bug Reports
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02-19-2015, 05:42 AM
Yeah I have been wondering I have been trying to be more active in this game again but other than the problems of DR + the optionals being way to harsh unless you have a whole team of meta players which usually doesn't happen with the population of the game being so low these days. I am not sure if its that the game I have been playing is more smooth or if there is more lag than usual upon trying to activate boff and other skill tray powers. It's like you have to wait 6-10 seconds for them to actually start their process of activating which is really horrible.
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02-20-2015, 11:25 PM
They already know about this problem and they are fixing it as we speak (of course the server is not updating now but a patch will be there soon.... hopefully)
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02-21-2015, 02:20 AM
I can't see any post indicating that they are aware of the slowly refreshing UI.

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