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While I slept, my eyes beheld Kahless standing atop a high mountain. The whole of the Empire was spread before him. A raging river flowed between his legs, fed by his tears. Kahless wept at what he saw. Then he spoke, "I look for honor, and it cannot be found. I search for glory, and it has fled."
Kahless raised his bat'leth, preparing to wipe the Empire from existence. I tried to yell out, but I could not speak. Then Kahless gave me his eyes, and I looked upon the Empire, and I too wept. Kahless' words then echoed in my mind, "Appoint watchmen for my Empire, make straight the paths of the dishonorable, and execute justice on the transgressor."
When I awoke, I rose, and I went.

Do you desire to see glory returned to the Empire? Does your body have a thirst that only true honor can quench? Join with us, "The Order of the Watchmen", and help restore the honor and glory of Kahless to the Empire.

Or, perhaps you are a mercenary, smuggler, or pirate who knows an opportunity when you see one. The Order of the Watchmen need contacts throughout the galaxy, and perhaps you have what we need.

The Order of the Watchmen is a newly established fleet, with a Role Playing focus. However, we do have a place for non-RP players who are just looking for friendly people to spend their game time with.

If you are interested, respond to this thread, or contact Aesnia@wiipe or Hegh?yIt@wretchedmani in-game.

For more information, check out our fleet website at http://orderofthewatchmen.shivtr.com

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