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Federation Strike Force

Recruiting for PvE

Federation Strike Force (FSF) is a Federation guild that focuses primarily on PvE content. We are both hardcore and semi-casual and are looking to recruit people for STO.

A little about FSF:
? We have accomplished most space pve on the highest difficulty setting (with the exception being no win scenario)
? Ground we don't do as often as most people prefer space to ground combat, however we have made short work of both Nukara Prime and Denfira.
? Our space station is tier 3 (all aspects fully upgraded to tier 3) and rapidly advancing due to the dedication of our members. Embassy is only t1, due to being a lower holding priority.
? Member of the No Dice gaming community with a 1k+ person mumble server for easy voice communication, use of mumble is a must.
? Friendly, knowledgeable member base that are willing to help and teach anyone any aspect of the game, from character builds to end game PvE content.

If you are interested in joining or curious to learn more please contact @kaznamar in-game or visit our gaming community's website at Ndgaming.org/forum . The main site is under construction, but the forums are up during interim.

Emany Kaz
Federation Strike Force

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