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To whomever it may concern;

I have become aware of these two glitches; occurring at roughly the same time. The first is either an incredibly long load or more often, a bare minimum loading of another player's information. I can't see level, starship type; rank, just there name.

Secondly; when attempting to contribute uncommons to the Fleet Winter Event Project; it says that the contribution fails, that it is already full, which it is not. I've tried reloading the client, and restarting my PC to no avail. This morning I was able to contribute; but I don't think it counted; it let me do it a second time and said that it was full again, it's not.

Thought you would want to know.
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# 2 Yea Me Also
05-07-2013, 04:50 AM
I have been attempting to contribute to fleet projects and reputation. Some things transfer and some things i get the transfer screen but the transfer does not happen and on reputation when i click on contribute nothing happens.

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