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I think it would be awesome to have some missions that required a player to do stuff at their Fleet Starbase, and also it would be awesome if there were missions that required players to go to other fleet Starbases. This would be awesome because it would encourage cross fleet socialization, as well as if done right various fleets all going to the starbase to do stuff together.

Here are a few generic mission ideas, though I would love to see what other people could come up with:

1. Starbase Inspection -- go to 5 Fleet Starbases, and go to various points in each Starbase to inspect (ie click a button etc)

2. Starbase cleaning -- Your fleet Starbase has a nasty infestation of ______. Team up with at least 2 other fleet mates of yours and kill them all.

3. Starbase Diplomacy -- Diplomats from ____ are going to your starbase to discuss ______. Team up with at least 2 other fleet mates and meet the Diplomats. Then do something with them (could be some mini games here, or just bring different types of alcohol/food, or do some text based quest, ie come to a trade agreement, with each team member voting on a particular things to negotiate around, (which would be especially cool if it was semi random as too which things worked, making various choices logical, but having a couple of choices where you just guess and hope it works).

Like I said, these are generic ideas, but I think this kind of mechanic would be awesome and add a great deal of value to the Fleet Starbases. Tieing in various missions to the special Fleet projects would also add value to them, ie cleaning the fish tank, or giving various diplomats a tour of the various star fleet uniforms, etc. etc.

Please leave feedback or ideas if you think this is something you want to see in the game.

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