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So, sign up for this open beta (on the recommendation of another friend who is an avid MMOer and Star Trek fan), and have been completely unable to download the client. I think I've tried six times in various different ways and from various different download mirrors (Fileshack, Fileplanet, and Tentonhammer). Any ideas why I am unable to download and install the client?

My machine is:

AMD Phenom Quadcore 2.50 GHZ
8.00 GB RAM
Windows Vista 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce 9500

I have tried using WinRAR to unzip the files, but the problem is after download the file sits at 0 bytes in its target folder. WinRAR just recognizes it as a corrupted file. I think I've dowloaded the 6.6 gig file six times in the last few days to no avail, and it's really frustrating. My key is registered for beta and I want to know if I will enjoy this game enough to purchase upon release.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I am available to answer any questions about my machine.

Thanks, STO community!

Update: Apparently WinRAR is unable to open any zip files, as I just downloaded some other zipped files which resulted in 0 byte saves. So now I believe the problem might be with WinRAR.

Update two: So WinRAR is fine, and both Firefox and Internet Explorer are defunct for some reason. I think I've got this figured out, but if anyone else has some suggestions, please shoot 'em my way. Thanks!
Lt. Commander
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01-16-2010, 10:54 AM
Try using another browser like opera or chrome and then just use window's zip extractor for the file, also try another download mirror.
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01-16-2010, 11:26 AM
how are you downloading?
if you use internet explorer by itself to download any files over 1gb you will experience problems such as timeouts and downloads appearing to finish when theve not, you should at least use a download manager if you dont want to use the torrent

i prefer to using torrents as they tend to be more reliable though the download speeds can vary wildly from minute to minute, so far im at 59% without issue

try the torrent from gamers hell

ive not had problems with large files and the latest version of winrar though some people do, if you have any problems with winrar try using 7zip

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