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05-09-2013, 01:07 AM
its kind of strange, but when I was playing that arc yesterday I had the weiird feeling that some parts of those missions would be great fleet actions in some form or another.

Then again, Nimbus is suffering from bad npc that could explain it.
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05-09-2013, 02:39 AM
Why does Tovan want to take Rinna back to the flotilla? New Romulus is closer and an actual home.
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05-09-2013, 05:14 AM
I'll have to do some comparison runs with some Federation and Klingon characters later..

-=Secrets of Nimbus(Rom-KDF)=-
-Away team selection still displays land and space abilities.
-"Haha.. that intro beam-in.. Even after having been so long since I watched the movie, I instantly recognised the place.."

-=The Lost City of Paradise(Rom-KDF)=-
-I find it interesting that all the graffiti is in English instead of various alien languages.
-I like this dancing side mission.. especially the fitting reward.
-The natural party transition is pretty neat upon leaving and entering the city.
-Maybe it's just me... but my boffs actually seem to be fighting semi-intelligently.. Tovan is running up and tanking things.. and then kiting them...
-"Why does fighting these worms give me Nausicaan information?.."
-"Oh hey, the queen spawned - oww.. she actually one-shot me."
-"Grah.. I take back what I said about the AI, it's still stupidly standing in the middle of the deadly goop!"
-"Why does this movement debuff last 'this' long?.."
-The mission reward is listed as "Fleet Personal - Common Quality Duty Officer". Is this a placeholder reward/name?

-=Blind Men Tell All Tales(Rom-KDF)=-
-The 'shows of force' are quite amusing - Romulan Republic officers, all armed with their rifles. No issues with miss-matched forces.
-I find it interesting that you're required to do a duty officer assignment as part of this mission.. yet there do not appear to be any duty officer assignments available in this zone, otherwise.(This is a disappointment I have with most adventure zones, but I think Paradise City would be able to have some interesting ones. It might make the place more interesting to hang out in as well.)
-"Interesting.. I see this place sells Saurian Brandy.."
-"Yikes, this boff pathing at the prison really scares me.."
-"Did that Raider just run through a forcefield barrier?..."
-Half the prison doors were already ajar when I arrived.. and they still had a pop up to force them open.
-"Why do these prisoners pass out when I beam them out?.."
-The Nausicaan elite guard that's part of "Orion's Path" Event.. definitely hurts. I might have been able to handle him if another group hadn't back-attacked me.
-It's not possible to attack guards on the walls of the stronghold - despite them being able to fire down at you.
-The stronghold itself needs some serious tuning(outer area is fine, the courtyard is not). Those Pirate Captains are way too powerful and Task Master is even worse.. furthermore there are too many groups clustered too close together. It gets way too ugly way too fast.
-The only way I was able to get to the objective was a lucky suicide run. It's simply not possible to fight to it, even with other players and their groups working together.

-"Romulan Subcommander Duty Officer Pack" has a Federation icon, despite my character being Romulan and aligned with the KDF.

-=The Undying(Rom-KDF)=-
-"Somehow.. I want to find a way to beam this place up into my ship so I can take it with me on my (mis)adventures..."
-Love the dancers.. I chuckled at the male orion just 'doin his thang'.
-"Take a shot".. now that's got to be reference to Mass Effect..
-"Eh, the selection's alright, but Paradise City's got better."
-"Heh.. bar fight.. nice."
-"Seriously, why can't Orion ship interiors be something like this.."
-This place could definitely use some special latinum mini-games and reward vendors(tailor costumes and such).
-"Oh snap, I just kicked the dog-handler into the fire pit! - Sparta-style"
-My boffs started attacking during the cutscene introduction of the third fight.
-Captain Fang ran/jumped into the pit of their own volition... "Farewell, cruel world!"
-"For some reason.. I can't get the Benny Hill music out of my head for this all this chaos..."
-Veril managed to get stuck under/in the southern ramp connecting the causeway to the dance floor(Tovan had a jumping party over a table while I was typing this).
-I like the flow of this space battle(it's also nice to be able to use this Mogai for the first time since getting it)
-I was quite pleased to see the Orion Dreadnought at the end. I love the design of the ship and don't think we get to see it nearly enough in the game. (I would totally buy a 3-pack 'Orion Flagship' bundle of it.)
-"Hurray! I finally get a melee weapon!"

-=A Fistful of Gorn(Rom-KDF)=-
-"Nice shoot'n, Tex."
-There really needs to be a vendor to sell junk to in this city...
-I was refered to as a member of the Klingon Empire, despite being a Romulan.. Granted, I am aligned with the KDF, but..
-"These Hurlers are incredibly obnoxious!" Consider at least adding some sort of warning indication/telegraph.
-I like that there is a non-backtracking path out of the canyon. Much Appreciated!
-Getting Law as a Doff is a pretty sweet mission reward. It would be neat if we had more memorable characters 'join your crew' this way.
-I ended the mission with an extra "Satellite Codes" in my inventory.

-=Installation 18(Rom-KDF)=-
-Nice work on the Elevator.. has anything like that been done in this game before?
-"Right.. don't.. look.. down.." *runs and leaps off the light-bridge* "....I was actually expecting there to be an invisible wall.. At least my boffs are 'loyal' enough to leap to their deaths alongside me!"
-The Alarm mechanic is interesting. ("Is this going to be one of those developer 'look what I can do!' missions?...")
-"Oh Snap! Didn't expect to meet her here!"
-"We meet again, Slamek..."
-It is possible to talk to test subjects a second time just before they beam out - it doesn't have any negative consequences.
-"That sure is one.. elite.. password on the communications mainframe there."
-Got one-shot by the commander's grenade while stuck in stasis.. =L (Taking control of a player's character away from them is never an enjoyable mechanic.. neither are one-shot kills.. neither is having them combined. *stares death-daggers at tholian encounters*)
-Love the build-up to the space fight - even if Hakeev ran like a coward.
-One of the D'deridex was able to still track and target me at 14km away with 0 singularity and battlecloak(all the heavy plasma torp fire forced me to withdraw at 6% hull).

-Warping out of the Nimbus system displayed Klingon warp-trails.

Overall, it was a pretty fun episode aside from a couple of frustrating encounters. I'm not sure the place really merits being an 'adventure zone' - it just feels like it is trying too hard to be a 'theme-park MMO', which STO simply isn't(That's a GOOD thing).
Aside from the difficulty of Orion stronghold, I think my only other complaint is that this is the level range you get the iconic Mogai, but you barely get to use it throughout the first half of the level bracket.
Otherwise, I think there is probably room to expand this zone to get more mileage out of it - perhaps a featured episode down the road. I know it's "Paradise City", but it really would be nice if the place had some more basic ammenities.. like perhaps a tailor, bank, vendors you can SELL things to. It's got a lot of potential as an interesting Social Hub.
As it stands.. Nimbus.. just kind of feels like a re-occuring mission instance where you can come across/trip over other players and get your mission-progress interrupted by road-blocking event bosses.

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05-09-2013, 09:39 AM
Further thoughts....

1) Love the arena in Shangdu. Its a fairly well designed area and allows for all kinds of tactics using the environment. Was very fun. More stuff like that in the game! On the flip side it did cause issues with BOs. They tended to kind of freeze in one spot. I think the fire hazard was confusing them. At the end when the entire bar goes aggro, well that confused them as well. They had a hard time leaving the area. And had to be micro managed.

2) Map wide respawn rates were playing havoc with slow BOs.

3) This is subjective but you get your Mogai upgrade and then start this section. So I spent time loading out the bird, changing its looks, getting it geared and then head to Nimbus. Which is a fairly long section of ground missions. At the end you have the space battle but more of less once you are done you are ready for the D'D. No last week I used it to level since we had no missions but in this play thru it felt like you hardly got to know the ship before getting the next one - which is a completely different experience alltogether

4) Repeat Kill the X missions - Every few minutes the Syndicate would attack or you had to kill the Chief Engineer etc. This became fairly annoying since it replaced your current mission box. Had to fiddle with the big mission log to figure out where I was at with my actual mission.

5) Beam to Paradise - fairly subjective but I didnt like it alsways being on the side. Some other interactions would pop up - and they also can move to center screen. So you could go to loot and hit that by mistake. Or go to click a dialog. Or if you werent paying attention just click it out of habit. Would rather see it moved or at the very least add a cancel button.

6) Aliens in Romulan tunics - a bit subjective but I found this a bit confusing. Where they alien Tal Shiar which is highly unlikely? Or were they wearing them as trophies.

7) Hail So and So. There was a real lag between the pop up and finshing the mission. You'd check your log and it would say Hail Law. But then you'd have no way to do it. As a player the assumption would be you had to go all the back to Law's and knock on the door.

8) Aside from the sheer number of Andorians with ponytails and other inappropriate hairstyles the NPCs in paradise were nicely done with believable business to do. Like the Klingons ruffing up a ferengi.

9) Like most missions I have played my dialogue choices could be a bit more "Romulan". Thru out the game my choices are just too casual, nice. Like Im a super good guy and want to be everyones friend. NPCs should fear the Romulans, I should be a bit more threatening. People should be nervous that at any moment they will be vaporised if they screw me over. Romulans should be trecherous and cunning. Not sweet and polite.
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05-09-2013, 04:58 PM
Where to begin? Firstly nice job on Nimbus, very much reminded me of ST V, the dance comp is a nice distraction, tho for a laugh should throw in that weasley little guy protecting his holes and dancing cats on the bar

Ok onto the bugs.

Several of the missions were failing before even leaving the city, as in literally walking out the bar, turn around and report back because they failed.

Shoot the pirate crew way too easy, my BO's pretty much one shotted the entire crew.

Giant scorpion is WAY too easy. Myself and another captain dropped the thing in 6 seconds.

The mission you get points for killing the monsters bugged out. Killed 23 monsters, turned it in, said i killed 0...

Orion spawn rate near the city is off kilter and they drop so fast you can't even participate if there are a few other players around.

All in all, map design is great, very well done, but missions are a little all over the place, not seemingly flowing and not really giving me any incentive to actually go back to Nimbus.

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05-09-2013, 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
Though when I saw the cat pole dancer, I was expecting the 3-breasted cat from Star Trek V.
Really Cryptic how can you make Nimbus and not include that; it was the only high point in that entire movie!
My Romulan Liberated Borg character made it to Level 30 and beat the (old) Defense of New Romulus with the skill point bug.
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05-09-2013, 06:35 PM
Played through all the missions except the last on May 8th (before the latest patch), with a female Alien Romulan allied with the Federation.

Secrets of Nimbus

Well.. it wasn't that much of a mission Didn't notice any bugs though.

The Lost City of Paradise

This place reminds me a lot of Tatooine in that other star-related mmo Fun missions in the deserts, especially with the added spice of random encounters. I like those! Didn't notice any bugs so far.

Blind Men Tell All Tales

Had a lot of difficulties with my boffs in the prison area. They kept getting stuck in the prison doors, both inside and outside - I ended up having to micromanage each of them evey time. They also got stuck behind rocks and stuff, so that part of the mission wasn't very enjoyable.

The Undying

Nice mission, the Shangdu looks great and has that nice, gritty touch you would expect from such a place. Loved the pitfighting, especially the first guy, Baz'kervil. Those warriguls were kinda like dogs.. so they were the Hounds of Baz'kervil? ^^ I don't know if that was intentional or not, but as a major Sherlock Holmes fan I thought it was awesome!

The space part with gathering the pirates and stuff were perhaps a little long-winded, but okay. I liked the fact that we could choose whether to take him alive or not. I'm interested to see what happens if I choose to take him alive. Also, some farewell hail to the pirates-in-arms may be in order?

A Fistful of Gorn

Typo in first dialogue with Horace: "Hasaan". Nice spaghetti western theme on this mission, especially in the cutscene ^^ Those heavy ranger hurlers (in the gorn canyon) seem to have a massive hurling range (more than 55m at one point) - is this intended? Really nice with the very rare doff reward!

Installation 18 (played through on May 9th, after the patch)

Fascinating mission, and the Elachi look really cool - just like in Enterprise! Some minor gripes - the part with Rinna seemed very detached, Tovan barely said her name and then she was beamed up. I was expecting a more heartfelt reunion, really. The alarms are a nice touch, however they are so swift that by the time I had located them they had already activated once. During the space battle, "Hassan's system wide hail" from the "The Undying" mission appears as a low priority interaction button.
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05-09-2013, 09:48 PM
My Orion KDF character is mightily jealous of that new Orion Dreadnought, any chance of it being made available to KDF players at some point?
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Originally Posted by amosov78 View Post
My Orion KDF character is mightily jealous of that new Orion Dreadnought, any chance of it being made available to KDF players at some point?
Sadly, it's been in the game a long time. The only time you really see them on Holodeck is No Win Scenario and the Fleet Base Defense queues though. Nausicaans and Gorn also have their own 'Dreadnoughts'. (Most races do, but the only way you can run into the majority of them is either via the above missions or if you're fighting them in scaling 'battleship' encounters with 5 actual players.)
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05-10-2013, 01:02 AM
since we can't have uhura doing a seductive feather dance up on a sand dune, could tacofangs possibly volunteer to take up that responsibility? instead of feathers he could hold sticks with heads of lettuce on the ends.

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