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05-10-2013, 01:46 AM
Originally Posted by wolfpacknz View Post
Incubation room 3 for me. Have killed all the Incubators but it just keeps saying "Kill Incubators". Theres none left, can't proceed
I ran into that problem myself, I think what the issue may be is if you charge in too fast you can kill them before actually entering into the objective area, the kill doesn't register for the objective and its still waiting for you to kill that one or two you nailed before actually starting it. The last time I ran through it, I took my time and made sure I was inside the glowy area before engaging, got it cleared.
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05-10-2013, 03:21 AM
In the Best Defence, the shuttle numbers get seriously carried away. After a really strong run, I felt really burnt out after that mission. I also found the ceiling of the map to be far too low, getting caught several times.
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05-10-2013, 03:53 AM
Originally Posted by thestormsong View Post


The mission objective "Eliminate Elachi escorts" completed after destroying only 2 out of 3 frigates. It was also rather odd that the "escorts" were placed really far away from Target Alpha.
Ground part: So.. rebreathers - where can I get those? Checked the area, and my replicator too, but couldn't find any. After the commander sets the self destruct (which is rather stupid - I mean, we just disabled him, then we walked away so he could have free reins?) it is not self explanatory where one ought to go, in fact, I expected the self destruct disable to be on that same console. Perhaps one of our officers could offer a helpful hint? I was unable to complete the mission due to the "Stop the Self Destruct" mission objective not completing after interacting with the console.
Same for me....
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05-10-2013, 07:31 AM
The best Defence is an AWESOME idea. However it needs FAR less enemy shuttles. If they had half that many in space I never would have gotten around to land. Also your allies shouldn't die off. It's anticlimatic to see someone get killed by an exploding walker and then have him report for duty again. Not mentioning that with their death you get all their aggro and we're talking about the first Romulan shuttle mission, not someone like my Fed who has an Aeon with MACO Mk XI and the Romulan weapon/console set.

What this mission really needs are magnetic harpoons and tow cables.
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Originally Posted by assimilatedktar View Post
What This Mission Really Needs Are Magnetic Harpoons And Tow Cables.:p
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllll lllllllll
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05-10-2013, 12:03 PM
While the servers are down for update, I figure I'll post up the incomplete log. Again, this is Pre-May 10th patch:

-=Voice of the Voiceless(KDF)=-
-Just a re-direction mission. No issues encountered. Didn't see any glaring typos or such in the dialogue.
-"Sweet, finally get to fight me some Elachi.. all proper-like this time! =d"

-"Yay! Been waiting to finally get to fight these guys like this!"
-"Subspace jumps and shockwave kinetic weapons.. interesting.. They certainly seem to be designed to directly counter Romulan ships and their playstyles.."
-It's a little difficult to get your bearings/figure out where to go after the lights go off and on. (You no longer have the map to realize that there are three 'wings' you need to clear out)
-The Kamikaze-crabs are an interesting touch, but it is a little bothersome that there is nothing that can be done once they're lached on.
-"Man, I love this Elachi Tech - I really wish I could use it."
-The atmosphere of fighting these.. mysterous aliens.. started to kick in during a hallway fight. Still, it feels like something is missing and the beginning felt a bit.. cheesy. (I do like how the atmospheric effects of the cloud drones, deployed devices and the mechanical whining give a sense of the Elachi.. exerting influence over an area. It evokes a dread similiar to borg assimiliation, yet still quite different.)
-It took me a bit to realize I had to go run up and talk to the engineers to 'rescue' them. They were cowering in fear in the previous phase, so I guess I started overlooking them.
-The chain-disables are a little unpleasent.. I was rendered unable to do anything for a good 15 seconds.
-It's an obscure reference, but running around rescuing these engineers from evil aliens on a space station.. really gave me some vibes of an old game called Alien Syndrome. ("Here's hoping there's not a grotesque boss at the end of the level that turns inside out to lunge at me..")
-"Grr.. now what is disabling me!?.. and these movement debuffs.. argh!"
-The end of the mission feels a bit.. abrupt. 'Take the Device. Congrats! Hand in your mission!' You don't even get/have to check back in with the station crew?

-=Small Packages(KDF)=-
-"Really? I got send out to this sector for one mission before getting called back to pick up a small craft in Tau Dewa?...."
-The "Size doesn't Matter" accolade had a Klingon Icon
-Is the current Tiercel shuttle a placeholder? It doesn't have a bridge officer slot and uses the KDF Toron model. (I opted to purchase the Kestrel for energy credits in addition to the mandatory 'Tiercel'.)
-As a side note, I do think it would be nice if you could pick up a shuttle for this mission via a mid-way contact.. perhaps from another ship that's stationed out in sector space(rather than having to come all the way back to Tau Dewa.. just to run all the way over to Alpha Centauri afterwards). If it's intended as a tutorial, you can just add a tooltip at the end stating that you can also purchase small craft from from any regular shipyard.
-Warp-out from New Romulus has been consistently Klingon Red instead of Romulan Green.

-=Last Stand(KDF)=-
-"I am loving fighting the Elachi in space.. even if Romulans are at a natural disadvantage against their tactics."
-I had a grin across my face during the fight with the Monbosh Battleship - from the moment I was closing and saw what it was, to when it deployed 'control' craft.
-Warpout from Sienae was Klingon Red.
-"Why am I helping what appears to be a federation station while I'm allied with the KDF?.."
-The Elachi ship behavior is really glitchy in the Ra'Kholk system. (warp in and warp out animations cycling 2-3 times in a row, etc.)
-"Oh man, I really love the look of those escorts... I really hope there will be an Elachi Lockbox at some point."
-"Oww.. I just got crit by that charge-up attack for 80% of my hull.. straight through my tact-teamed full shield facing..."
-"Now THIS is my idea of a skirmish!"
-Those Elachi torpedos do a lot of hull damage.. even with shields up.
-Elachi ships frequently flew into the station during the fight.
-The battle over the Tephrei system was very enjoyable, in my opinion. ("At least I got one good fight out of the Mogai before hitting 30 for a D'deridex.")
-Warpout of the Tephrei system was Klingon Red.

-=The Best Defense(KDF)=-
-I was able to enter the the mission without being in a Small Craft, despite the mission description suggesting that you had to be flying the shuttle to start)
-Romulan Allies(the shuttles and T'Liss) warped out Federation Blue.
-"Sweet! Amospheric mission.. I've been wanting something like this for soo long!" ("Reminds me of the good ol' Earth and Beyond days.. /sniff")
-"Oh geez!" *frantically tries to get hotbars sorted*
-"Oh man, this really needs a special chase-cam mode specifically for this.."
-Wave 3 started before wave 2 finished.
-Died in the middle of wave 3 due to being overwhelmed/lack of friendly reinforcements.
-Died again during wave 4 against the first walker - due to all the kinetic damage.
-Died at the start of wave 5, due to stupidly being 'too close' to the last dying walker of wave 4.
-Died during wave 5 due to a kamikaze/ramming speed attack against one of the walkers after all my wingmates were annihilated.
-Died during wave 5 due to a kamikaze attack against the other walker due to getting overwhelmed by a massive elachi reinforcement wave.
-Died during wave 5 due to another kamikaze against the above mentioned walker because the above mentioned reinforcement was still not cleared after running out of shields and hull(including multiple EPtS and a level 5 quantum absorption)
-Warpout was Klingon Red.

-Those Elachi Shuttles have no business using torpedos for that fight. There's too many of them and they do far too much damage.
-Elachi Shuttles need a 20-40% damage reduction. My shield facings were constantly a mess regardless of anything and everything I did. It was all I could do to try to mitigate all the torpedos with well timed redistributions.
-Elachi Walkers needs a 30% damage reduction, across the board. It was completely emptying a full shield facing with a each hit.
-Elachi Walkers need to lose the ability to fire on the shuttles with either their torpedos or missiles. They do excessive amounts of damage, even non-modified.
-Reduce the Elachi Walker's blast radius on death.
-Either reduce the number of elachi reinforcement waves, or provide a 15 second countdown warning before they arrive.
-Raise the Elachi Walker hitbox, I was unable to attack a walker(despite it freely spraying me will missiles) because it was close to a pipe and I had to be almost right above it to acquire a firing solution.
-This mission needs a FAR better reward than a generic console for the effort it requires(even if/after it gets tuned down)

-"Oh god! It's so hard to try to squeeze my way into range to start this mission with all these fat D'deridex crowding the system!!"
-*sees hull at 60% despite never suffering a shield breach* "Right, need to remember these ships do a ton of bleed-through damage.."
-"And where do I acquire one of these.. rebreathers?"
-I do like the interior of these ships.
-After clearing two rooms, I am still not clear on how to acquire a 'rebreather'. Decioded to purchase an EV from the dilithium store to see if that would counter-act the choking gas. Seems to have done the job, but I don't think that was the intended means..
-"Bad Veril!, stop running up to and standing infront of the plasma-flamethrowing drones... Didn't I tell you to stop that back on Gasko station and Nimbus!?"
-"Can I move(or do anything other than be 'disabled') yet?..."
-The explosive-headcrabs-out-of-thin-air was a little cheap there.. =/
-The slow pacing of the fighting literally around each and every turn really doesn't match the urgency of the situation..

-Server went down for maintainence.
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After Patch today still no way to end Room 2.
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Could Not Select Azha System

It kept saying "Tradecraft" which I could not select either, so I had to manually fly there.

After getting there I can now select it.

Also a LOT of Toon dialog is not showing, just the NPC side.
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Devils choice still bugged. Killed all the incubators in the third room, but wont register, show stopper...

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Originally Posted by kitsune424 View Post
Here is your ticket to the USS Stupidity, Third class, four tacks on the chair, rules state you MUST sit on the chair, no standing, or hovering above the tacks, thank you have a nice day
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The Tal Shiar uniform option does not appear in the Tailor prior to the invasion mission?

I'm to "fool" the Tal Shiar in my normal outfit?
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