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05-11-2013, 10:05 AM
Okay, managed to get another run in of the entire episode, this time post-May 10th patch. Overall, this is fairly supplemental to the log I posted yesterday:

-Decided to head back to Tau Dewa to pick my D'deridex and upgrade my gear to the next tier before replaying the episode.
-Warpout from New Romulus - yep, still Klingon Red instead of Romulan Green.
-Something appears to be horrible wrong with Romulan weapons available from the Flotilla.. They do not display when firing(either the model or effects) and appear to lock the player's facing towards the first target they fired at - even after it expires.

-Elachi are using Klingon Red transporters(both to beam in and out).. not sure if that is intended.
-For 'taking the device' it still seems pretty attached to the core there..

-=Last Stand(KDF)=-
-The D'deridex seems to use a blue deflector animation instead of the amber colored one I remember on previous Warbirds. (I'm not sure if this is an actual issue.)
-Weapons appear to still be proccing on yourself.. I managed to disable my own shields and weapons with my phasers.. (it was not a viral matrix)
-I've been noticing that my hud keeps shifting left and right on my screen. Right when I'm in sector space, left when I'm in system space..
-Warp-ins and outs seem far less glitchy in the Ra'kholh System since the May 10th patch.(they are still using Federation Blue warp trails though.
-"Whee!~ drifting in a D'deridex is fun~!"
-Warp-out from Ra'kholh was Klingon Red.
-The Turret reward doesn't appear to scale with player level.

-=The Best Defense(KDF)=-
-"Ohhhhh... so THAT's where rebreathers come from..."
-The D'deridex bounding/collision box really does make space travel cumbersome - both in sector(trying to navigate around other players) and getting caught up on little shuttles and things in missions.
-"Man, it's hard to dodge those charge-up attacks in a D'deridex..."
-Wave 1 spawned in a strange, out way out of the way location.
-Died during Wave 2 due to Kamikaze attack against the Walker because of the reinforcement wave arriving right after the walker annihilated all my wingmen.
-I discovered popping quantum absorption allows you to survive a Ramming Speed impact against a walker... handy that...
-I was constantly around 30% hull for most of the mission. Multiple times that I nearly died and would have easily died if I was not as savvy about shield allocation.
-Please see my previous log for suggestions on how to improve the encounter. I think it's entirely possible to still keep the grand scale of the battle with them.

-The Romulan Rank Shoulders clip through EV suits, inluding the 'cape' portion.
-"Man, I really miss my Romulan piercing rifle right about now..." (had to purchase phaser weapons because the Romulan weapons broke with the May 10th patch)
-The bomb crawlers constantly appearing out of thin air really detract from the enjoyment of the mission. A few here and there might be interesting, but given how helpless you are to do anything once they're lached on to someone.. it just breeds negative vibes, man.
-One of the crawlers got stuck in the ceiling at one of the ceiling pipes and caused the bridge officers to spazz out. (second to last 'ambush' before reactor room)

-=Devil's Choice(KDF)=-
-"Ooooo pity this thing doesn't have some weapons.."
-The Elachi ship has a b'rel ship icon next to its name on the character screen.
-"Woah.. that formation of.. dreadnoughts?.. Very nice!"
-"Well.. this is a.. 'lovely' development... it really is starting to feel like Mass Effect crossed with XCOM right about now..."
-"Wait.. this dialogue... wasn't there something similiar right before the final mission of Mass Effect 2?...(about choosing to not let anyone die)"
-The interactions for saving the captives in Incubation Room Two are very.. spazzy/twitchy.
-One of the 'captive's cells was empty(western-most). It was also one of the hardest ones to interact with.
-Died from the 'massive' aggro pull for the third Incubation room. Any chance of spacing those groups out a little bit from the door?
-The cells are bit tricky to open in Room Three as well. You really have to align yourself at just the right angle. Otherwise the interaction just doesn't do anything.(the progress bar fills, or stops part way, but the cell never opens)
-"Well, well.. Howdy there D'vex. I see time hasn't been terribly kind to ya there.."
-Watched a crawler latch onto an engineer turret.. that was fun.
-OPS did not automatically pop up upon reaching the subspace rift/exit.
-Clicking the fast travel icon in the quest tracker for the Defense of New Romulus.. causes your ship to fly around in circles..
-Nice to see some Ha'apax representing in the defense fleet.
-The first two defense lines are pretty enjoyable.
-The third/final line, however really gets a bit messy with all the constant cone attack and viral matrix spam. I didn't die, but I spend a good portion of the fight playing conservatively and trying to lure off a couple ships at a time, only to get the dreadnoughts clumping together and bearing down/focusing on me at the same time. Perhaps it might be better if the last wave was broken down into 2 sub-waves. The first with both dreadnoughts and a healthy compliment of escorts and frigates. The second with the command ship and a half-dozen battleships and a dozen frigates.
-Warpout was Klingon Red.
-One of the rewards was a "Mk IX" shield that could be equipped by a Commander. The name had the [PLA] modified, but the actual shield did not. Instead, it's stats seemed to be closer to a Mk VIII with a regeneration mod.

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# 62 turnabout mission
05-11-2013, 10:51 AM
Fun mission and all, but when you got to shutdown the self-destruct on ship nothing happens. Mission does not update and there's nothing else to do.
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05-11-2013, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by szerontzur View Post
It is similar, but as far as I've been able to tell there is only a single bolt fired at the nearest target in the cone when fired. So, it's different from the Thalaron weapon that hits everything in the cone.

Still, it is interesting how the frigates will combo you by hitting you with the movement crippling Invasive Scan debuff while the escorts charge the attack. It's a good synergy and really plays against the Romulan playstyle. (Everything about the Elachi ships seems to - from APO countering tractor beam setups to subspace jumps thwarting decloaking alpha-strikes).

Also, it HURTS to get crit by one of those charge-up bolts...
Yes, as another poster replied, it does start to get frustrating old after a while. I was attributing it more to my decision to play Sci-cap instead of Eng-cap initially, but the combo strikes are painful. Getting stuck in crosshairs of multiple bursts also sucked a big. I should copy my Recluse over and see if I can find my way into one of those missions and see how she handles them. But I still like their tactical design.

Originally Posted by ajddominion View Post
The Best Defense:
Before I go to say anything about this one, I have to say I love the concept of the mission, and what you are supposed to do with the shuttles, really hope these mechanics stay around.
I agree here. The default shuttle is painful to fly. It makes sense for No-BOFF [ it does have a cloak after all], but that really makes it painful to do this. This mission does a lot to make me want to roll my rommie as another Engineer.

[ Adding ]
Devil's choice.
In Incubator Room Two, it's possible to knock Incubators into the cells and possibly out of the room making it impossible to progress.

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05-11-2013, 06:51 PM
ok just played "The Best Defense"

WOW I was not expecting that didn't have any glaring bugs I found, But players will definitely wanna spend the ec for the Krestel Runabout. I originally picked that up cause i liked the looks of it swapped out eng/defl/shield with things I pulled off my T2 Mogai ship including the Bio-molecular warhead, kept the standard plasma shuttle beam array and took torp spread-1 as the boff station which really seemed to help in the groundish part of the mission.

BTW why did you guys change the Romulan special plasma torp into the Hargh'peng it was my favorite weapon till the patch

overall one of my new favorite missions
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05-11-2013, 07:37 PM
Spoiler: Highlight if you want to see

Best Defence = Pure win. That shuttle mission above the romulan colony was epic.

Question about the alien plot though... were they harvesting romulans/remans as food or some alien making scheme? (Missed a few dialog boxes)
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# 66 Devils choice
05-11-2013, 08:52 PM
1.) Interaction boxes to free captives needs to be a bit bigger

2.) Incubation Room 3 is glitching there is an enemy(s) that needs to be killed to progress to freeing the captives, but no enemies showing up on the map or even seen stuck in the wall like I have observed in various places [usually when they are shot with a pulsewave and pushed to an abnormal position in the map, had 1 stuck in a doorway that you have to open at start of mission.] tried aborting and restarting mission no luck still get stuck on room 3.

tried to play mission again after aborting for the 2nd time same can't kill all the enemies to progress to next stage but this time got stuck at second room even after removing any pulsewave weapons from away team.
gonna have to call this one as uncompletable for me at present and skip it. Also of note sound fx for ground weapons fire disappeared on third play thru, after testing the romulan wide beam rifle to see if it was fixed.

two additional overall problems I can't get the "go to rally point function" to work and the "Romulan" specific weapons[plasma wide beam rifle ,split beam pistol, etc] have no animations or graphics though they did in the closed beta

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05-11-2013, 09:55 PM
I had the same problem as above on incubator room 3 in Devil's Choice.

After beaming up and restarting the map, however, if I died at any point earlier in the map, it respawned me outside room 3 and broke the entire mission, even if I abandoned the mission entirely.

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05-12-2013, 08:50 AM
Yeah, Devil's Choice has issues in the Incubation rooms. You end up unable to kill one of the Incubators, and then can't progress to freeing the prisoners. I don't know if this is a patching issue with the Incubator aliens - some of them go behind incubation machines to get to you - or if it's because random aliens enter the room and get killed before you are notified they are there: in the first incubation room when the random aliens come on your 1st officer notifies you that someone is coming.

Either way, you end up unable to free the prisoners, and so can't advance to blowing up the room and moving on.
STO is about my Liberated Borg Federation Captain with his Breen 1st Officer, Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer, Liberated Borg Engineering Officer, Android Ops Officer, Photonic Science Officer, Gorn Science Officer, and Reman Medical Officer jumping into their Jem'Hadar Carrier and flying off to do missions for the new Romulan Empire. But for some players allowing a T5 Connie to be used breaks the canon in the game.
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05-12-2013, 10:14 AM
I love this story arc!

the best defense my favorite new mission so far! the dog fighting is great! wasn't to hard wasn't too easy. once i got used to giving my wingmen commands things dropped easily. I did it in a kestrel shuttle.

i forgot the mission name, but the one where you board a ship and then have to shut down the self destruct its bugged for me, so i couldn't complete, clicked the console to shut it down at end, but nothing happened, I was an engineer.

everything else was fine, no glaring bugs, very nicely done, elachi are a pain to fight but fun, i like needing to pay attention to what i'm doing, I don't like cake walks.
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05-12-2013, 10:41 AM
The Best Defense:
My shuttle showed up fine, but my assigned bridge officer wasn't there. It's a bit hard to survive all those waves without my BO's shield heal. Oh, well, I can always count on Q to resurrect me and get me back into the fight.

I have my rebreathers, and everything worked out fine. However, the rebreather didn't show up on the face of one bridge officer. It did seem to be operating for her, though.

Devil's Choice:
Incubation Room 3. I wiped out everyting in the room, no red dots on the map for that room, but the mission won't acknowledge that I've finished wiping out everything. I can't proceed.

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