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05-08-2013, 01:33 AM
Originally Posted by dukedom01 View Post
I managed to get myself stuck in the Tutorial somehow.

[Tutorial]: Your New Command
* Rescue the Seg'pa

does not progress. I do not know what I did to fail it in the first place but after logging out and coming back after the usual time for a proper map reset the Seg'pa now is gone missing.
Same thing with me I am stuck and cannot progress. Rescue the Seg'pa.
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05-08-2013, 01:54 AM
I am also stuck in the Tutorial but so far i like it.

The Disruptor Compression Pistol is still a buggy thing instead a real Klingon Disruptor how in the Icon.
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05-08-2013, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by noven2000 View Post
The content is nice I have one question why aren't the KDF Faction Giving the opportunity to pick there boff specialty. And secondly will KDF lvl 50 players get the opportunity to get that bridge officer if they have reached lvl 50?
He is basically the Klingon version of Tovan Khev the Romulans get, but also leaves the Federation players behind who are still getting only basic white quality officers.

Edit: I also liked the tutorial, at least until the part were the Galaxy should appear but does not spawn. A nice touch are the knives in the back of the first officer, as it explains how the captain managed to win the "duel"

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05-08-2013, 04:13 AM
I have not played too much of it yet, i stopped just before warping back to Qo'nos...

I have a great impression of the whole thing so far, it feels very klingon like with the dialogs, the action and so on.

A few things at random:

- transition between gameplay and cut scenes (and back) are very rough. At times, you can see the play scene before the cut scene loads up and play, someone noted the notorious transition to when you are on your rack, sleeping.

- Some of the VO or dialogs are missing or off sinc, especially a few related to that new 1st officer BO.

- Some incoherence on how things are staged. Say, I come to the brig and I have a room full of Klingon becks and starfleet assault team 'drinking tea', waiting for me to fire the first shot for them to duke it out.

- Please, let me sink that d'k tag myself in that petaQ of a captain myself I want to click the button, not seeing it in a cutscene. I know it can be done, you do that with that SB commander on the romulan side.

And to finish: THANK YOU CRYPTIC!
This was such a joy to open the game with ZERO character on and start STO with a Klingon, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

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05-08-2013, 04:43 AM
Originally Posted by dukedom01 View Post
I managed to get myself stuck in the Tutorial somehow.

[Tutorial]: Your New Command
* Rescue the Seg'pa

does not progress. I do not know what I did to fail it in the first place but after logging out and coming back after the usual time for a proper map reset the Seg'pa now is gone missing.
Same here, stuck and cannot progress.

Also, the FED ship was visible during the prisoner exchange cutscene.

As for other things: I'd prefer the duel for command to be fought with melee weapons...
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05-08-2013, 05:01 AM
I also cannot progress past "rescue the Seg'pa"...

After I went back to the Character Select screen and reloaded my Klingon, the Seg'pa wasn't there any more...

It's a shame that there is this bug, up to this I was really enjoying the new tutorial...

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# 17
05-08-2013, 05:19 AM
It seems the Klingon mission Friend or Foe is bugged and can't be completed.

I have finished all the objectives and nothing. Can't turn in the mission and no direction on what to do next.
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05-08-2013, 07:14 AM
First, I'd like to congratulate Cryptic on finally providing the KDF with 1 through 20 content worthy of the Klingons. It's been 3 years in the making, and so far, it is living up to expectations.

I, too, suffered the bug in the "Rescue the Seg'pa" mission where the Galaxy Class ship, the Musashi, fails to spawn. One suggested fix is to ignore the hail and fly in, full impulse, either cloaked or de-cloaked.

A couple of other things I noticed during what part of the KDF tutorial I could do:

1)Klingon Ship debris looks like rocks in the crew quarters - It looked so out of place, it wasn't even funny. Where I expected to see parts of a ship, I literally saw molten rocks.

2)During the cutscene, after going to bed, I noticed my Klingon character floating above the bed while he slept. And then stood up through the top bunk before the cutscene switched to the gameplay screen. I sincerely hope this gets fixed.

3) The UI color scheme was set to Romulan, which is what I use on my Romulan character. While I love the UI LCARS scheme, with optional color schemes, I do not think that, what I use for one character, should be universally applied to all. It break the immersion. I want my Federation characters to use whatever Federation UI color scheme I choose, my Romulan/Reman characters to use their respective color schemes, and the Klingons should use the Kling/Orion/Gorn schemes, if so chosen. Please, make this possible. And fix the Ship/shield icon. It looks like it was drawn in MSPaint.net.

Otherwise, the Klingon Tutorials are on par with the Romulan ones. Great story, great dialogue. I now expect the Federation tutorial missions to get a massive overhaul to bring them on par with the KDF and RR.
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# 19
05-08-2013, 09:49 AM
once you get the KDF rescue mission's bug fixed. I'll be able to continue with the new KDF tutorial and let you know what my over all though are.

So far it remines me of Klingon Academy and that is a very good thing. If you can keep this type of feel through out the KDF.

Like you did with the Romulian tutorial. You'll be making alot of KDF players happy.

Now all you have to do is take a poll and see if the FED's Tutorial needs a bit of twiking.
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# 20
05-08-2013, 10:19 AM
Tutorial, 1st mission:

  • The intruduction text after logging in a KDF char for the first time ("You are the second officer of the IKS...") should definitely NOT be spoken by the "computer voice" lady! It is a story text, not a tooltip, and sould be read by a Klingon voice.
  • The model of the pre-equipped hand gun is not that of a Klingon disruptor.
  • The prisoner-exchange cinematic is bugged. The Galaxy class vessel is visible all the time and doesn't move.
  • The duel with the captain HAS to be with BAT'LETHS only! This is integral. Any fresh KDF char alread seems to have a bat'leth in their inventory. Make it a melee-only trigger like in the arena on Nopada.
  • The death animation of the captain definitely needs sound effects.
  • K'Gan is not automatically slotted as BOff when first taking command of the Bird-of-Prey.

Tutorial, in the First City:

  • First City needs an area map revamp like New Romulus or Virinat.
  • K'Gan (1st BOff received) looks EXACTLY (i.e., clone) like Ch'Gren (2nd BOff received)!!!
  • Although the Romulan tutorial does a very good job at making new Bridge Officers a more personal experience as part of rewards to missions that included them as NPCs, the KDF tutorial still needs some improvement here. The addition of the Gorn prison guard seems totally out of the blue and very artificial. Also, all the BOffs are still labeled as generic officer candidates and have to be clearly associated with NPCs encountered in the missions of which they are a reward.
  • The "Prison" map in the First City is completely redundant. It is tiny, boring and just an extra room requiring an extra loading screen with one single NPC contact in to exchange an extremely short dialogue with (This is also a typical error done by some Foundry authors ). Either make the Gorn Warden a remote contact OR expand on the prison map OR move the Gorn NPC someplace else in the First City. To me this part of the plot very much seems like it was intended to be much more (perhaps including an epic Klingon court scene ) but was cut short due to resources being allocated for the Romulan content instead.
  • Best things at last: I LOVE the Rura Penthe map and the away team costumes here (which I wanna see as mission reward as well as the Jackal Mastiff!) and I LOVE incorporating Frankling Drake into the KDF storyline However, I strongly suggest to have the mining laser, which is already available in-game (as seen in the asteroid mining dilithium grind), being used by at least some prisoners on Rura Penthe.
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