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Having been invited to the closed beta test of LoR I have just completed playing the required length of time to qualify for the reward.

Firstly one negative comment and one only. Having patched Tribble I was really annoyed to see that my FED character had been deleted. No worries though I can have it put back on as and when I have the need to. I can understand why it has been removed. Some players had discussed just going on Tribble and playing as their FED or KDF character just to qualify for the reward. This does defeat the objective of being a test weekend to test new content.

But anyway that aside. As I said before. I was invited to test LoR on the closed beta. I was completely blown away by LoR even though the voice files had not been added to it at that time. During the closed test not having those files included did somewhat spoil the experience, but i fully understand why they had not been included. When I submitted my feedback afte, I included a couple of personal changes that I would think would work to the new UI regarding the color schemes. I don't know if Cryptic had already had in mind the same changes that I had suggested in my feedback, but I was overjoyed to actually see what I had suggested be implemented. This proves that the feedback we give is valued.

Anyway back to this weekend. During closed beta the new content (even without full audio) was absolutely amazing AWESOME even, but playing it now with full audio WHOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The graphics, the voice acting work just blew me away. Although I don't really like the idea of going back to level one with a character being that I have devoted so much time to my existing holodeck character. I will certainly however be splitting my time spent playing between my existing FED character and playing from level one with a Romulan.

As for any glitches etc with LoR. I have found none what so ever. It ran and played as smooth as can be.

Any complaints. Again just like glitches none what so ever.

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05-11-2013, 11:41 AM
I have played a Klingon character through the first half a dozen missions and I must say that it is refreshing to see some new KDF content.

The tutorial is good. I haven't seen any defects. Some might say that the dialogs are a little bland but it's still OK.

Graphics and textures are great.

Frankly, I will have to play it a bit longer to see if anything is wrong further down the storyline.

I like the idea of the Warp Core Equipment.

The character creation is fluid and the new traits and abilities are more involving than in previous versions of the game.

My apreciation is 8 / 10. The points lost are mainly for the relative weakness in the flavour texts, but this can easily be corrected with patches. The core of the game looks great and is very promising.
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# 73
05-11-2013, 11:52 AM
the improvements to those martok missions are great. the addition of k'mtar and the character driven story is excellent. this storyline more or less mirrors what what would have led up to the events of the episode first born, but thanks to the slightly altered timeline, the impression k'mtar made on Alexander, things played out the way they do in game.

its a nice touch, the k'mtar in game not even knowing that he is the kmtar that he met long ago. but at this point, it doesn't look like he will need to go back in the past at all. oh well, thats just one of the instances were the prime universe forked, so him not going back because no one killed worf wont make a difference on this universe's Alexander.

im also reminded of the voyager finally, were the klingons happened to have some time travel tech. that admiral voyager part of the finally took place around this time in game too. that kdf temporal shuttle in the lobi store is likely intended to be what alaxander/k'mtar would have used to go back to 2370.

just real happy with the way this all played out and fit together so well, any hard core treky who's paying attention will love all this

oh, and i tried to adjust my bop costume, but it wouldnt not let me unless i bought the tier 2 cruiser refit, the fed cruiser refit. thats an odd connection.

there are some problems though. first, lady sirella is way to young, M'ven, her grandson looked older. crank up the aged look on her. and crank down m'ven's age, hes got grey hair. he shouldn't be that old, if he's the son of drex. strange you never see drex anywhere here btw. the worst offender for age though is worf. he looks 150, and far older then he was in AGT. make his hair black, and only give him the aged 1 look. look at kog, kang, and korgoth that were in those DS9 episodes. they were worfs tng age back in TOS! thats what very old klingons look like. worf looks twice as old.

after i found the romulan weapon in the house of tong's room, the mission completed and i was only given the option to beam back to my ship. worf never even asked me to fight in the tournament in m'vens place, what happened to that? also, when i was back in orbit, i could see the boff dialog from the start of that mission, about tracking the romulan. i noticed there was the optin to do the tournament in the quest log a bit later.

when i got back to the markok farm, and talked to lady sirella, the beam in and fight seemed way to abrupt. thats a place were there should be a small cut scene, with words exchanged first.

soon after, when i went to destroy the 3rd com satellite, no martok bops decloaked to draw fire. had like 7 of them attacking me, i actually died!

then on the ground, i missed scanning the romulan crate before chancing off tong, and then after i went back and scanned the crate, could not continue. had to beam out and to that ground part all over.

after i got through it correctly, that space battle afterward seemed new, didn't remember it. worf had a fleet vorcha! by then i leveled, but found that i only had 1 eng boff, and 3 tac boffs. so, my k'tonco was unable to be crewed properly. boffs cost dill, and no level 10 klingon would have any. or ec on the exchange, and you have next to none by then too. 1 of those 3 tac boffs you get on the way to level 10 should be an eng instead. you could only really use 2 at that point anyway.

i also noticed an issue when the t'konco fires aft turrets. for the lower fore fireing, it fires turret shots from 1 of the 2 wing cannon. it looks really strange. its missing a turret hardpoint on its chin. so... if theres ever a chance for the ship guys to maybe do something about that, and some of the other kdf ship issues, would really appreciate that. i hope sometime soon there will be a fleet k'tonco, and that strange turret fire would just really be a constant eye sore.
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I played new KDF content through 1-10 level, I must say I'm impressed with visual changes and general gameplay alterations - great job on that.

new tutorial - good, but something is missing out there, it's typical klingon and other species feel out of place, I played Lethean and stuff was weird in some moments - general conclusion - fast pace - not so good, I was hoping to see some prequel like Academy admission and so on plus some species diversity - klingons are klingons - brash and rowdy, with their quite unique perspective, but others... not so much and there is nothing about it

following missions played out quite fine, I like what you did with levels/maps (big plus on reworking them), but everything is too straightforward in general perspective I really'd like to be able to make some decision once in a while, decision that matters, no just another click to jump in combat - like this discussion with FED captain, when you follow prisoner - there were klingon option - die fed! - but there were another dialogue I was happy to see, unfortunately it didn't matter, in the end it was - die fed! again, regardless - to put it simple - this sucks a lot

ok, now something about new 'mechanics' - first of all - trait system: excellent idea, but I feel it's not finished yet, some traits received update, others just new icons and are still useless, same traits show differed descriptions depending on where you click one them it's a mess

I'm particularly disappointed with lethean rapture - it was always useless ability and after update it still is, it's too week to use on regular lvl 3 mobs and 2m cooldown makes it a joke, after level 5 using it is just a waste of effort, you achieve better result by riflebutting your enemy... so much for a deadly psychic attack rapture supposed to be

there are some inaccuracies with physical strength/melee damage traits apart from different descriptions something is not right out there and don't you dare make gorn not the strongest melee species

there is no option to customize traits during char creation, hope it's just temporary
list of available traits is very limited - same conclusion as above
BOFF's still have oldschool traits, hope they'll receive "lifting' as well

so please, please take time and do them right, cause this new system is a damm good thing

the warp core equipment is a bullseye - this stuff was simply missing and it is now - very good job on that, unfortunately during my gameplay had not much experience with different types and such, but i have hi hopes for it
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05-11-2013, 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

Playing Nimbus soon. Gots to dust off and polish my dance shoes and disco suit.
Do it Klingon Style!

Funny enough I drank enough dutch courage to give it a go and embarrass myself a little, Fan Dance emote didn't unlock! Although that probably is for the best....
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05-11-2013, 01:15 PM
WHEEE!!! Combat Jackal Mastiff pet!!!

ETA: As far the starter BOFFs, I think it should start with emergency power to shields and hazard emitters, and the two klingon males should look different.

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05-11-2013, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by ask4spock1 View Post
The music in the tutor is too loud. I can barely understand the VO's
Go to Options/Audio and you can adjust the volumes of the music, effects and voices seperately.

However during the Tutorial (and I don't know if this has been covered in this section yet or not) the Tutorial voice directions sometimes happen at the sametime as the voices of an NPC be it one of your crew or an NPC you are getting information from.

Otherwise I like the story progression so far but I have only reached level 15 so far.

And are we going to start seeing new C-store Ships for the Klingons at lower levels like they have for the Federation and maybe possibly (more like HOPEFULLY) small craft. Orion Slavers and raiders? Perhaps Gorn Fighters? What about a Naussican Fighter of some sort?

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# 78 Problems that i found on kdf
05-11-2013, 01:56 PM
1. I really like the new tailor with the preview pains and the overall and easy to find what you are looking for with the way you have grouped it together and brought things forward more instead of all the drop down menus we have now

2. you should give you a choice to kill the captain or side with him that would put a fork in the road where more content could be added changing the story line just slightly Like still wind up on chronos but Jem pok learned of the Treachery and puts your captain to death and and does not fully trust the player and Jem pok keeps a eye on them maybe have them run one or two side missions to earn his trust before he turns the ship over to the player and even then jem pok still question there Honor while they progress thru the game and they earn jem poks trust on the klingons side

3. There is grammar mistakes in B'Eloja in the first screen second paragraph
the way that it is currently written is:

I hear tell that you were listed as the second officer of the Hurm, not the First
Challenge right are only extended to the officer immediately below you otherwise everyone would be
gunning for the captain (remove the word tell)

4. had Lag in the great hall with first report to Jem pok

5.Can we Please add a check box on the help pop up to kill the auto help menu or at least stop it from talking it interrupts game play for one and annoying for veterans

6.In the hunt is on when in the hall way in front of the prison just in Before the Colum in front of the stair the auto help comes on and tells you to step on to the transporter pad when you are not even in the transporter room need to shrink down the trigger point

7. I also had a issue with the ship customizer wanting to charge 750 zen to change the paint on my ship i back out several times and went back in and it still wanted to charge 750 zen I played around with changing the hull and stuff the first time and then canceled the modifications and exited the customizer and went back in and it still would not clear the Zen Log out and back in and still wanted 750 zen just to add paint so customizer seems to be broken on this end in less you plan to charge zen to customize Ships

8.I did not get my Veteran Bonus and all my perks till level Lt 5 not sure if that is a bug or
meant to be that way I think you should get it as soon as you create your toon

9. I am Disappointed that we cannot Still see the Visuals for kit and uniforms on Klingon

Just so there is no questions on the specs of the test box i used
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit SP1
AMD quad Core 9650 Clocked at 2.3 GHz
8 Gb of Ram
ATI/AMD Radeon HD 6750
on a VDSL connection of 25 Mb connection down and 3 Mb down
location Nevada USA
5-11-2013 2:47 am

over all not to bad but still needs work I do like the new interfaces over all and the new look it is what sto was missing since launch but I still find Klingon side weak
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05-11-2013, 02:13 PM
I like the new Klingon starting point... feels like your in an episode of STAR TREK KLINGONS... which would be a great show... heh heh
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# 80 Collateral Damage: Broken?
05-11-2013, 04:23 PM
Interesting start to the mission though the fighting in orbit needs to be more expansive and have a true clash of titans feel to it.

Dialouge doesn't seem to mention the Undine very much in the beginning, giving a sense that its been left out of the dialogue.

Ground portion was fun with fight the Borg mainly with only a few Undine. It needs more ground Borg and Undine clashing it large groups to give that sens of "Two giants fighting over an anthill" feeling. Smoke, fire, the random running civilian that gets shot down in the crossfire.

On that note, the Borg and Undine both seem unfocused in ground combat. they stutter in action as if not able to decide what ability or attack to use.

Then the mission stopped cold for me. After rescuing 4 of the 5 civilians left alive I discovered the last civilian (denoted by a exclamation point) was behind the green force field that I could not cross or find opening through. No ingame prompt for resolve was given. No glowy areas where spotted.

Possibly a very good mission but needs some polishing to be a great mission.

Now, I'm off to Paradise.....Lost.
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