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05-11-2013, 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by superherofan View Post
WHEEE!!! Combat Jackal Mastiff pet!!!

ETA: As far the starter BOFFs, I think it should start with emergency power to shields and hazard emitters, and the two klingon males should look different.
That Mastiff needs to level with us in my opinion.
Leonard Nimoy, Spock.....

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The dialog options in "Space Chase" made me laugh. Other than that, there wasn't much else remarkable about this mission, but since it was short and contained only space combat, it gets a thumbs up from me.

"Manhunt" is EPIC. I loved it. The dialog is fantastic, the environment is good, the ending cinematic is awesome. Fabulous mission.

"Friend or Foe" is great. The dialog is marvelous, the intrigue with the Romulans invokes the Klingon civil war in TNG. However, I am unable to resolve the mission. After speaking with Worf, I get "Report to K'mtar" as my mission objective, but I'm not able to contact him.
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05-11-2013, 10:38 PM
Having now played on KDF on Tribble I will be forced to delete my lvl50 KDF player so that I can reroll and see the entire storyline. Well done and looking forward to playing this on live.
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The shield cap for Numiri Regen Ship Shield is only 900; it may be a regenerative shield, but 900 seems too low for a useful l mkIV ship shield.
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05-12-2013, 06:32 AM
Good job on the tutorial - it really sets the tone for a Klingon player.
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05-12-2013, 10:41 AM
(My comments are taken from the perspective of someone who has never played, since new players can now start as level 1.)

The federation boarding parties in the brig are invulnerable.

K'Gan is not slotted by default. I had to slot him manually.

The Caitan sounded way way too normal human. Jazz it up with some meowing (If he is speaking normally) or some computerization (if he's using a translator).

K'Gan said it would take some time for the cloak to get back online, but it is working immediately. No explanation of cloaking mechanics until much later.

Captain Kagdar has no voice over the first time he contacts you.

"Rescue" the Seg'Pa sounds weak. They're Klingons, they don't rescue **** (to coin a phrase). It should be "Join the Seg'Pa in glorious combat!"

The Federation are cowards, instead of fighting to the death the Musashi should run like dogs! Or be disabled and surrender.

After Bat'leth training, there should be an option to continue fighting.

When entering the warehouse, K'Gan fell down for no reason.

The Ferengi running in circles needs to have his pathing fixed so he doesn't try to run over the grav sled - it is immersion breaking to have him stuck trying to climb the tall boxes.

The Naussican pirate says "losses" but the captioning says "loses".

At the safehouse "That room looks promising" doesn't create a destination marker.

Recommend adding some class-specific objectives at the transporter pad
Tac - Interrogate prisoner to get destination information out of him.
Eng - Repair pad to download pad targeting information
Sci - Scan transporter pad to determine direction quantum particles went.

Space Chase
Alot of time spent in Sector Space with dead time. Recommend filling it with a quick tutorial over energy levels. Weapons/shields/engine.
Give an explanation or a warning about the planets you are passing - tell players not to go there yet.
It was way too easy to beat the Typhoon battleship. This fight should be a little harder.
Defeated all the ships but could not capture the prisoner - the shuttle was just hovering at the planet. Drake should send a taunt and warp out before they are defeated.

On the sector map, the "Go to Rura Penthe" icon blocks the autonav option to Rura Penthe.
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05-12-2013, 02:57 PM
Gotta' say, I am overall very happy with what I've seen so far of the new KDF intro content.
I love the fact that the first arc revolves around [spoiler redacted], the manner of command acquisition, and, as has been stated by previous posters, the nods towards disunity within the Empire.
And hanging a lampshade on the fact that there will be Romulans milling around first city was probably a prudent idea. :)

That said, I only got as far as (what I think is) near the end of The Hunt is On, since I can't get the "Used Ship Salesman" to give me any mission-advancing dialogue options.
I also agree that the comment of "that door over there looks promising" could really stand to have an associated waypoint, since the BOff isn't exactly capable of pointing at it for you. :P
Finally, I also really don't like the use of the term "Feds" by the Klingons. I know players call them that (and the Iotians from "A Piece of the Action," I guess...), but the Klingons have never struck me as the type to use that kind of short-hand, nor can I ever recal them doing so. (Just look at their name for Species 8427-- it's nearly as unwieldy as their serial number! :P) It is, to me at least, a little distracting.

Oh, and, maybe this is just me, but having the (very well-done, for the record) Federation computer voice guiding the player through the turorial and acting as narrator is a little jarring, especially since the KDF has their own computer voice-overs.

Still, an overall positive impression, I don't want that to get lost in my criticisms! I'm looking forward to that "Used Ship Salesman" bug getting fixed so I can see the rest of it!

EDIT: Derpy me. There is a "talk to used ship salesman" interaction over the Nausicaan mercenary Gramash at the shipyard, which just links you to an empty dialogue box, then his normal shpeel. He's not actually the Used Ship Salesman that the mission wanted me to talk to. If only I looked at the waypoints. :P
... no idea why that interaction exists, though...
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Thank you for yours.
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05-12-2013, 04:25 PM
Vault is quite hilarious with KDF Shuttles since they added cloaks to them. Quite curious though that there is a mission where you've to report to omega force it says that "Starfleet needs to stop the borg before they reach the core worlds and need their best officers on the frontline"

Assume by that statement that means Starfleet doesn't have any good officers and thus need KDF to do all the heavy lifting as usual?

Just had a thoughts about Nimbus and the Elachi facility. Needs a Fleet Action with enraged KDF using Bat'leths versus Elachi, possibly a ground version of Rhi Atmosphere Event. Still think there isn't enough headbutting either.
KDF Future with Cryptic. Fact.

What Cryptic should consider before releasing anything.

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05-12-2013, 08:25 PM
Klingon Tutorial on Tribble when playing a Female Orion (Science)

Agreed with previous comments that the default audio volume for music is dialed up too high relative to the volume level for voice overs, such that voice overs require "work" to understand audibly.

Checked the Traits window and found the Lucky Trait has conflicting information in the UI. The short text for the Lucky Trait says +Critical Hit chance and +Expose chance. The longer description of the Trait is worded poorly so as to be ambiguous, and even worse the bullet point description at the end is +3% Critical Hit chance and +10% chance to EXPLOIT (not Expose!). To make things even MORE confusing, going to the Status Window and looking at the Passives for your Captain, the values shown in the UI are "Superior" (at Level 1 during the Tutorial?) and display on mouseover values of +4.5% Critical Hit chance and +15% chance to EXPLOIT (again, NOT Expose!). Suspect there are some poorly handled pointers with regards to the Lucky Trait causing these UI issues.

During the Boarding Party phase of the Klingon Tutorial, in the Brig area there are Boarding Party hostiles who are IMMUNE TO DAMAGE ... which is ... really weird. I'd shoot them with my Disruptor Rifle, hits (and criticals and flanking!) would display, and even the Knockback would push them around (when it would proc) ... but NO DAMAGE. I'm not talking like number zero would rise up in the display. I mean NO DAMAGE as in NULL. They were simply IMMUNE to damage, without displaying anything like Immune. It was as if the damage simply didn't even register. What made this even *more odd* is that this was not a universal trait to all of the Boarding Party inside the Brig Area. Some of them would "ignore" damage this way, while others COULD be damaged by my actions ... but ONLY by my actions! The NPC crew shooting at ANY of these Boarding Party "hostiles" was totally ineffective! This meant that while trying to listen to the voice over dialogue between my PC and the Prisoner in the Brig, there was constant gunfire going on all around us, while no one was doing any damage to each other!

Once I defeated Captain Jurlek and gained my new First Officer, during the First Officer's announcement cutscene, there was a passage in the middle of it where the subtitles of what he was saying appeared on the screen ... but there was no voice over being played for the duration of that one portion of the cutscene. It would appear that the audio is either missing a segment or there is a miscue in the chain, causing this small portion to fail to play its audio.

Another thing which I found somewhat ... jarring ... is the sheer number of crew members aboard the B'rel ship. B'rels are supposed to have a crew of only 30 aboard ... and minus your PC that would mean there should only be 29 NPCs aboard the ship. Subtract the bridge crew and (original) First Officer and you're down to about 25 NPCs *TOTAL* who should be in other sections/decks of the ship. The crew quarters alone had 10 NPCs in there (just standing around), and during the Brig Fight section there are some 10 or so NPCs fighting just on the Brig Deck. Then you get to the First Officer cutscene announcing the change in command and you see a fairly large number of crew doing their routine tasks of damage control during the announcement ... and I'm pretty sure that over the duration you're seeing more than 10 crew AGAIN. My point is that from a continuity standpoint over the whole Tutorial, it *FEELS LIKE* this B'rel has WAY MORE CREW than it should (30) simply because you SEE a lot of them! It feels more like this B'rel has a crew of 60-100 instead of (merely) 30, just because of how the crew are presented through the various shipboard scenes. I mean, the ONLY way this can work is if the Starfleet Boarding Parties INFLICTED NO LOSSES on the B'rel Crew (everyone survived unscathed, after all that?), which is more than a little ... unbelievable.

You know the "LOUD Boff Breaks Cloak" *BUG* caused by interactions while in Space, that every Klingon (and soon, Romulan) hates with a passion? Well, once I defeated Captain Jurlek and took control of my ship and reached the Space Map, I engaged Cloak on my ship. Talking to the First Officer ... amazingly ... did not break Cloak! BUT... clicking on the Movement Help button in the Low Priority Interactions area, to get a Tutorial on Movement *DID* break Cloak IMMEDIATELY ... which it very much SHOULD NOT DO because this is Brand New Content and Cryptic's design and environment teams have no excuse for this ... FAULT ... persisting in brand new content! I say this specifically because Cryptic KNOWS HOW TO *NOT* MAKE THIS HAPPEN, AND YET IT STILL IS. Sloppy Bad Form(tm) Cryptic ... you should be better than this. Rectify.

Impressively enough ... the same problem of "unwanted and unwarranted Decloaking" did NOT occur (/em thumbs up!) when Scanning the Asteroid dead ahead during the Tutorial while Cloaked ... again demonstrating that the Movement Help = Automatic Decloak behavior is UNWARRANTED and UNNECESSARY. Furthermore, again, when conducting the second Iridium Scan in the asteroid field, scanning DID NOT DECLOAK the ship (again, /em thumbs up!).

BUT ... Firing Help from the Low Priority Menu ALSO Decloaks the ship automagically ... as does Targeting Help. Looks like whoever was responsible for implementing the Interactions through the Low Priority Menu FAILED to include the proper coding for "selecting these options does NOT uncloak your ship" as PLAYERS would have expected.

After targeting and destroying the asteroids (and collecting the Irridium Loot), it is possible to Cloak, talk to the First Officer and NOT DECLOAK (/em thumbs up!).

When vectoring in to destroy the Disabled Centaur Class Frigate, the Mission Objective Circle placed around it on the Map and Minimap has a radius of closer to 5 km, instead of the 10 km (of Weapons Range) that I had been expecting. Would it be possible to change this UI element to be a 10 km circle around the Frigate on the map?

After destroying the Disabled Centaur Class Frigate (if done from long range), it is possible to reverse thrust and engage Cloak. But then, once again, a Low Priority Menu item pops up ... Setting Autofire for Weapons ... and sure enough, this option Decloaks your ship! Once again, the Decloak For NO GOOD REASON *BUG* rears its ugly head because of Sloppy Coding.

Fortunately, talking to the First Officer after destroying the Repair Crew Ships doesn't decloak your ship (/em thumbs up!).

After destroying the Frigates responsible for the Jamming, it is possible to recloak your ship before scanning for the Seg'pa ... but *this time* scanning causes your ship to decloak? Why? When scanning previously while cloaked, your cloak didn't drop. Who is responsible for making this behavior consistent during the Tutorial? Remember, this is going to be the FIRST EXPERIENCE with Cloaking for new players, and if its behavior is this inconsistent now ... what are they going to think about the "Polish" done in the rest of the game?

The final Contact Captain Kadgar, surprisingly, does NOT cause Cloak to break ... despite being accessed from the Low Priority Menu (again demonstrating how sloppy the coding control has been up until this point with regards to this issue).

When listening to the voice over for Captain Kadgar, what he audibly SAYS does not match the words written on the screen:
  • Audio: "We're going to stay here WHILE repairs are underway,"
  • Written: "We're going to stay here UNTIL repairs are underway,"
I'm thinking what is written on the screen *ought to* match what is being said in the audio here (ie. the audio should be the standard, since re-recording that is way more annoying than fixing text in the UI).

After arriving at Qo'nos, it is possible to Cloak again, before Hailing the Prison ... which once again Decloaks the ship. Cryptic, this is really getting pretty darn awful as far as Quality Control goes on making this signature feature behave CONSISTENTLY. I know that at this point, it actually makes no difference in the outcome of the tutorial (since you're hardly going to be attacked by enemies, let alone needing to hide from them, while in orbit around Qo'nos) ... but still, it's the principle of the thing. You have a way to make this NOT HAPPEN and you're FAILING TO IMPLEMENT IT CONSISTENTLY. Bad form (/em thumbs down!).

Nice touch of putting a member of Section 31 into Prison Cell 31 ... something that only those of us who have already played a substantial portion of the Federation content already will be able to thoroughly appreciate the irony of. Makes you wonder if the Warden isn't a double agent though ...

On the way to the Bat'leth Arena, there's a Gorn Guard, Thraak, who has a Talk to Thraak option. Clicking this does ... nothing? No dialogue, no NPC chat, no ... nothing? Hmm. Sounds like a programming cue got missed here.

It appears that the distance between your PC and any of the "signs" (Forge, Exchange, etc.) in First City do their switch over from Klingon to <insert Language Localization for Player> happens around 50 meters. I agree with others that this is "too far away" since it means that most signage will spend its time NOT displaying in Klingon! Recommend reducing the radius at which Localization for language occurs to either be at 20 meters or 25 meters, so that as a player you need to get *closer* to signs in order to read them in the Player's localization language (and can thus "appreciate" the written Klingon better).

Entering the Apartment in pursuit of the escaped prisoner ... there is no option to Choose Your Away Team granted ... but a (female) voice over informs me of my choice to ... choose my away team? Looks like another missed programming cue.

In the safehouse, just in the first room, there are 20 Starfleet hostiles. How did SO MANY Starfleet get smuggled into First City in Qo'nos? No idea. Guess we just need a lot of Redshirts(tm) so as to make the chase for the prisoner "not so easy" ...?

The Spymaster that you defeat (and who tells you nothing when you "interrogate" him) ... you're not given any option to "secure" him in any way, or even leave a "guard" on him of one of your Boffs. You just stroll on into the next room and deal with the transporter. Then once you find that your quarry is in orbit, you're given the option to Return to First City. But what about the Spymaster you took down (and who is writhing in the hallway, so he isn't "dead")? Why aren't you doing anything to CAPTURE and SECURE him for questioning? You've got 2 Boffs with you ... why aren't you assigning one of them to take the Spymaster to the Prison? There's no indications that ANYONE is coming to back you up, so if you just ... Return to First City ... there's no implication of any kind that you're going to be taking the Spymaster with you (let alone "disposing" of him in a prison cell somewhere). It's as if the Writer for this segment completely forgot about continuity (and logistics) with regards to securing this NPC. Very disappointing, and ... quite frankly ... somewhat Deus ex Machina bizarre.

Upon reaching Sector Space, I found that with Driver Coil 3 I was flying at Warp 5.61 through Sector Space. I know that the Warp Scale numbers were modified (as per Geko's reveal in podcast), even though the actual SPEED of travel (distance per time) was not adjusted. However, Warp 5 at Level 5 still seems ... kinda high ... since I was only expecting like Warp 2 at starter levels, so that you'd have from 2-10 to look forward to as you level up. Maybe adjust the Warp Scale again so as to not start out *quite* so high on the UI numbers, while not adjusting the amount of distance traveled per unit of time?

In the Boreth System, it is possible to Cloak and stay cloaked while interacting with the Navigation Beacons (/em thumbs up!). However, Hailing the Federation Prisoner ... Decloaks your ship?!? Come on guys, at least PRETEND to be consistent about this issue ... (/em thumbs down!). Even worse(!) ... if you try to Cloak while communicating with the escaped prisoner, the communications channel is closed (say what?) and the sequence aborted. This means you can only communicate with your quarry (and thus progress the plot) while remaining uncloaked ... even as your opponent TELLS YOU that he's got reinforcements coming in to distract you into staying off his tail! Choo-choo train, I CHOOSE YOU! <throws Pok?mon ball into orbit>

Flew right up to the Escaped Federation Prisoner shuttle (0.01 km distance), after scanning the 2 anomalies in the system and ... I'm not given the option to just Tractor Beam this guy? Why am I not allowed to just simply disable this shuttlecraft, bring it aboard, and have this guy "escorted" to MY BRIG? I have to TALK to him, let him spring his "oh so clever trap" on me, so as to LET HIM ESCAPE? Why is it that all the railroad tracks around here are narrow gauge? Oh and incidentally ... why is his shuttlecraft "parked" in space, but slowly spinning counter-clockwise (as if on auxiliary thrusters with no impulse power) the entire time?

So I *chat* with the incoming Feds ... they realize they've been duped ... but my mission objectives are to ... still destroy them? WHY? And I've still got the Escaped Federation Prisoner in his shuttle, DEAD TO RIGHTS UNDER MY CANNONS at less than 1.5 km ... and the shuttle reads as ... friendly? I'm not allowed to target the shuttle? I can't just tractor the shuttle aboard my B'rel, and have my crew "escort" this guy back to MY BRIG? *WHY*??? Why is the only track to be found around here a monorail? Was the writer just "phoning this one in" or something? This makes no sense!! Even worse, the Federation ships I'm supposed to ... Defeat ... read as Allies at this distance ... but as I fly towards them (not on Full Impulse) while Cloaked (oh good, that's working again, because no one's talking to me), the Federation ships flip over to being enemies. Wonderful. They've been duped ... they now KNOW they've been duped ... they've APLOGIZED for being duped ... and I'm supposed to DESTROY THEM ANYWAY just because that's what the mission objective demands in order to advance the plot? Who wrote this? This is incredibly stupid for anyone who is paying even the slightest bit of attention to details here. The MISSION was to CAPTURE THE PRISONER ... not go Blues Brothers In The Mall on any ships that happened to show up along the way.

So first I destroy TWO FEDERATION FRIGATES for no better reason than "trespassing" because they're being USED by this prisoner who escaped and I'm supposed to be capturing (but doing everything I can *NOT* to capture him when I can!) ... and another Starfleet ship shows up, and I'm supposed to destroy them too. Of course ... I had nothing better to do today ... than pile the corpses high. What's the body count from this little bit of stupidity (enforced upon me) going to be? A couple hundred Starfleet officers, killed in a pointless battle, that could have been EASILY AVOIDED by use of a Tractor Beam on a shuttle and a few Duty Officers "escorting" an Escaped Prisoner to MY BRIG!?

THERE IS *NO HONOR* IN FIGHTING AN ENEMY WHO HAS BEEN DECEIVED INTO OPPOSING YOU ... especially AFTER they admit they have been deceived and they make overtures of trying to rectify their error.

But no, I need to fight a Typhoon class Battleship (guess Starfleet has too many of these just "lying around" in the Klingon sectors) because ... well ... honestly ... for NO GOOD REASON. I'm cloaked, they don't know where I am (and aren't likely to find me unless I attack them). The shuttle with the PRISONER that I was supposed to capture is like 30 km behind me now, instead of being IN MY SHUTTLEBAY with the Prisoner IN MY BRIG where he belongs, because I *had to* go blow up some Starfleet ships, rather than deal with the Prisoner who was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and taunting me over a communications channel, TELLING ME FLAT OUT that he was going to use these Federation ships, their captains and their crews as PATSIES so that he could escape! AND I'M PLAYING ALONG because ... well ... because that's how the mission is SO BADLY WRITTEN.

Okay, fine ... I'll play along. Oh look, the Typhoon class Battleship has a ... TRACTOR BEAM! You know, the sort of thing I should have used to CAPTURE THE ESCAPED PRISONER so as to have him "escorted" to MY BRIG, where he belongs?

So I blow the Battleship (eh ... easy come, easy blow ... Starfleet is like Kleenex that way) ... and yet MORE ships appear, that I'm supposed to destroy (say what?).

Okay, whatever ... I've completely lost respect for whoever at Cryptic was responsible for writing this ... TRAVESTY ... of a mission. So I *obediently* blow up the remaining 3 Frigates that spawned in for me to POINTLESSLY destroy for no good reason (yay! body count!) and ... as soon as that's done, my First Officer pops up IMMEDIATELY (so my ship "parks" in space, ensuring that if I was too close to the last Frigate I popped, its warp core breach stands an excellent chance of blasting my wimpy little B'rel out of the sky FOR NO GOOD REASON) and ... asks if I want to leave the system now. Wait ... what? What about the PRISONER? You know ... THE PRISONER that we came out here to CAPTURE? You know ... the one who ESCAPED!? The one who is STILL HERE IN HIS STOLEN SHUTTLE!?! I can even drive over to where he is, park 0.00 km away from him in his stolen shuttle and ... DO NOTHING ABOUT HIM.

No Tractor Beams.
No Transporter Beams.
No Cannons.
No Torpedoes.

The Escaped Prisoner ... in his STOLEN shuttle ... reads as ... friendly.

RIIIIIGHT. What's an ark?

Are we not going to, you know ... CAPTURE ... this jerk? Are we just going to forget him and leave (like we forgot about and left behind the Spymaster in the safehouse on Qo'nos)? Somebody get me a 5 year old child because this seems to be a very BAD PLAN.

Leave System.
You have completed all of the objectives in this area.


So I get to Sector Space, call in the mission and get told ... "It is unfortunate that the prisoner has eluded your search."

And oh look, in just the few seconds I've been talking to you, Mr. Prison Warden, my quarry has managed to fly halfway across the sector block (in a stolen shuttlecraft) and invade a Penal Colony.

Yeah ... no. I'm done Testing (this) on Tribble. This is so bad that my Suspension Bridge of Disbelief has been quite thoroughly dynamited at this point by whoever was responsible for writing this. This is beyond terrible, as far as PLOT and motivations go. This is "turn off the TV and go read a book" bad. And what makes this especially egregious is ... this is literally the FIRST mission chain a NEW Klingon Player is going to get. Join the KDF, be a stooge and murder Starfleet officers for being duped and betrayed by a Section 31 agent because he's got Script Immunity and can pull your puppet strings because he's a Mary Sue ... and he'll TELL YOU he's doing this BEFORE you play along, dancing to his tune like the useful idiot you are.


I've read FAN FICTION that's written better than this ... from the internet.
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05-12-2013, 10:08 PM
Still working on the Tutorial (just got to the escaped prisoner), but I have to say I am enjoying the new story, there are a few small glitches here and there that I have seen (they have also been well documented already), but overall I am enjoying having a story finally.
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