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As a Trek fan, I was highly satisfied with the second installment of JJ's Trek. It had the action, the humour (most of which was well placed), the special effects (as expected), the inconsistencies, the ridiculous and of course, the open-ended plot that leaves the story open not just for the Enterprise, but for various crew members too. 9/10 - no film is perfect.

What I liked:
- The banter between Uhura and Spock. Was well placed, both as intimate and humorous.
- The Klingons ~ They looked different, though not too different. Some of them retained their hair, and their ridges were as Klingon enough for me. All I would question is their eyes, but I can live with that. It was good to see some of them running around with Bat'leths too; a promotion to TNG/DS9.
- Khan ~ worked out brilliantly. Was a nice spin on the character we know from the older films.
- Spock and ... Spock ~ didn't expect to see the elder Spock again. Was a nice addition.

What I didn't like:
- Earth and Kronos (Qo'nos?) were seemingly left undefended in the scenes where the Enterprise was near Kronos, and again when the Vengeance and Enterprise were fighting.
- The Klingons are a military-focused species that are on the verge of war with the Federation, yet they have no fleet guarding their home planet? We didn't see a single Klingon ship until we entered the atmosphere.
- Before the Enterprise departed, we saw them at that Starbase of theirs (which is in orbit of Earth); we also saw several ships at that Starbase that apparently couldn't help out later.
- Changing Clothes. Scotty Quit, Chekov was promoted to Chief Engineer and asked to change his Yellow uniform for Red. He made the trip down to Engineering (and changed his clothing) all too quick considering Kirk was continuing the same conversation from the bridge.
- Similarly, there were occasions where several characters went from one scene to another within a very small time span. Unless they (and maybe Chekov) were using transporters, that wouldn't be possible.
- Khan's blood will revive the dead ~ that's great, but now we can potentially revive anyone who dies from radiation poisoning.

The Other:
- Carol Markus ~ It seems pretty obvious that she'll end up in a relationship with Kirk, and potentially have a son.
- The scene switch between Kirk and Spock (Kirk dying and Spock shouting KHHHAAN) instead of the original scene where it's the other way around. I thought that was a nice touch, and am glad the Genesis Device (previously rumored) wasn't involved in Kirk's rebirth.
- Sulu got the chair ~ I see this as potential for him having his own command come JJ's Star Trek III
- I was hoping to see some scenes with them Klingon Warbirds. The artwork and scenes we had of them from the first film looks superb. Hopefully we'll get them in number 3.

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