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# 1 The voices, the VOICES!!!
05-07-2013, 11:06 PM
Wow - the tutorial aspect needs a tangible "off" button in the drop-down and/or options menus, or they just need to go away entirely - with them going at the same time as the "congratulations" notifications at leveling and with the storyline voiceovers, people are going to go insane!

What's more, I turned OFF - or, at least, though I had turned off - the tutorials when the initial pop-up box with that option came up in the beginning. Yep, I unchecked the "run tutorials" box in the pop-up, yet she was back with a vengeance every five minutes...

Bad enough to have to replay the really slow content of the first level or two again since the character wipe, but so many voices at once...loving the content guys, but there needs to be a direct way to axe the tutorial voices at least!

The "congratulations" voice when you finally reach the Flotilla - I'm assuming this is SubCommander Nedan, Nadan (tomAYto, toMAHto) or what-have-you - isn't so bad...the male voice prior to this sounds a cross between a used car salesman and Gilderoy Lockhardt (of the Harry Potter books)! Couple that with the tutorial voiceover and storyline dialogue - all at once - and...well, players are going to need therapy.

Yeah, I like voiceovers most times, but this mix calls into preference the old adage: silence is golden...

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# 2
05-08-2013, 12:11 AM
Pretty much this. The pop up turorial vo is taking away from the story vo. Fairly annoying.
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# 3
05-08-2013, 02:37 AM
A times I would have 3 maybe even 4 at once.
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# 4
05-08-2013, 09:34 AM
i find the voices very annoying wish they would not use them ever cause its kinda hard to hear sela over the voice tellin me what i can do over sela tellin the story

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