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06-18-2013, 04:07 AM
The log that reports that error message on tribble:

I first thought it was something to do with the shadercache but I deleted the cache folder on tribble and it didn't solve the problem. Well that was on holodeck anyway (although I can't even remember if it was on holodeck, all I remember is the time I deleted the shaderscache the error dissapearred, but perhaps its just my memory).

Although with a Direct3D okay 0x0 (for those unaware 0 usually means success in programming), something tells me that there might not even be an error. But then again it dosen't display on holodeck at all and its been doing it for at least a month or two on tribble. And I just checked my settings file for holodeck and tribble, I am definatly set to dx11 (had to check the file since the drop down box in the graphics options menu dosen't tell me which I have set since my GPU name is too long).

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